GlassWire Testing Group - Want to join?


Thank you that was what it was looking like.


Actually, in some ways “green” is better than “brown and dried up”. You may spot things and run into stuff that just won’t be noticeable to even a veteran tester.

I also wanted to mention that if you have previously joined the test group, you probably are still on the list. When I tried to “join”, the reply email said I was already in.


We sent out a 2.0 beta update this week to our beta users. If you’d like to join please check the top link in this thread, thanks!


I’ve tried a few times to join the the 'Testing Group" but i have never got a email besides the confirmation one.



@ronald739 You probably joined after our first beta test email went out. We’ll send another email soon with our next test version.


@Glasnet I was going to do this but I’m now getting email’s.

@Ken_GlassWire I did join about a year ago and have now got a email for the 2.0 Beta version. Thanks.


Would gladly join if this is still an option. Have subscribed to the email signup

Edit: oh my, I just realised this thread is almost a year old! Oops!



We still use this list sometimes, so you are welcome to join.


Cool, cheers! Looking forward to it.


Yes, please. I would like that.


Espero que me tengan en cuenta para su beta, me gusta ayudar a mejorar y probar cosas nuevas antes de tiempo para ayudar a la comunidad.

Llevo años participando en betas de Android, Windows, etc, :slight_smile:


I would love to join.

Especially interested in testing the Mac version. I had never heard of Glasswire for desktops until today (used Android app before), installed it and loved it so much on my Surface Pro i subscribed to Elite package (hoping to install on my Windows machines and Mac)


Interested in participating in Glasswire beta’s (Windows, Mac and Android) Currently an elite consumer and really enjoy the product. Sad my MAC’s are left out.


Thanks for helping us test! Please join the email list at the top of this thread.

We hope to have a Mac version out this summer.