GW Elite 2.3 Things "No Network Connection"

Alerts neatly reports all internal devices that are connected to router and MAC address - no issue.

The “Things” tab though simply says No Network Connection - which of course is not true. Have played with Settings, Unlock and it has no effect.


Sorry for the issue.

Have you used GlassWire before, and did it show a similar message with our previous versions or did it work correctly?

Can you tell me about your network connection? What type of connection is it, and what type of device do you use?

All previous versions reported all laptops, phones, printers, Voice-IP devices etc. They all still report when first connection found in Alerts, just not anymore in Things.


I am discussing this with our team to see what they recommend. We haven’t seen this error yet.

If anyone else is reading this and has the same error please let us know. It will help our investigation.


Please make us logs to help us find the issue.

How do I make technical support logs with GlassWire?
-Stop the GlassWire service via the TaskManager.
-Open C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service-full (or -lite, depends on the version the user runs). - In your case I believe it’s full.
-Open glasswire.conf as administrator.
-Set the following parameters and save the file:

LogLevel = 255
LogEnabled = true

Start the GlassWire service via the TaskManager.
Repeat the problem and wait a few minutes. Maybe try a Things “Scan” or two.

Send us the logs from C:\ProgramData/glasswire/service-full/log (or service-lite, depends on the version)
Contact GlassWire - Please include a link to this thread. Please include a screenshot of “Things” also if possible.

Thank you for your report.

Glasswire Control Service is running normal, firewall is blocking normal, unsure why you state that it appears already stopped … ?

Everything else is normal, all functions are normal, no issues, just the empty Things tab but even that is reported in Alerts with the IP address and devices are enumerated so can live with it.

My mistake, I edited that and it’s fixed now. I copied the instructions from a previous thread.

We would be grateful if you could send us logs because then we can find and fix the problem for you, and others. You can review the logs to see there isn’t really any private data there. If you don’t feel comfortable though after you review the logs then don’t send them.

The logs are only on your PC and nobody else can see them, unless you email them to us.

Version 2.3.321 fixed it

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