How to format How-To topics in this forum

Use commonmark/Discourse markdown

Formatting of How-To topics should use Markdown wherever possible.

If you are not familiar with Markdown then please read How to learn Markdown for formatting posts.

How to show examples of markdown

The easiest way to show examples of markdown is to enclose the markdown text within backquotes or backticks `. The text is treated as code (programming).

If you want to show an example of using the backquote then use a code block which is three backquotes ` in the line before and the line after the block of code:

`Code sample`

To show an example of the markdown text with the three backquotes visible then use the Preformatted text button </> in the toolbar at the top of the editing window.

`Code sample`

You can also show keyboard keys as I have above with the HTML codes <kbd> and </kbd>.

Examples follow:

Example Topic Title

Heading 1 markdown should be reserved for when combine several How-To topics sections into one topic.
# Example Topic title

Example Topic Heading

Heading 2 markdown is used for headings within a How-To
## Example Topic Heading

Example Topic Sub-Heading

Heading 3 markdown is used for sub-headings.
### Example Topic Sub-Heading

Normally two levels of heading are sufficient unless you are combining multiple topics
There can be a further three levels of sub heading just start the paragraph with the number of hashes corresponding to the heading level.

Example sub-heading

#### Example sub-heading

Example sub-heading

##### Example sub-heading

Example sub-heading

###### Example sub-heading

Bulleted paragraph

  • Example bulleted paragraph

* Example bulleted paragraph

Numbered paragraph

Numbered (1., 2., 3., …) markdown paragraphs are for sequential instructions. You only have to use a number for the first paragraph. All other numbering is automated starting from one.

  1. Example numbered paragraph
  • Example continued
  • Example continued

1. Example numbered paragraph
* Example continued
* Example continued

Labelled paragraph

Labelled (A., B., C., …) paragraphs are used for option lists. But there is no markdown for this so you have to add each letter yourself.

A. First option
B. Second option
C. Third option

a) First option
b) Second option
c) Third option

How to denote progress in Work In Progress (WIP)

You can find ticks and crosses using the Emoji tool on the toolbar of the editing window.

Completed activities can be marked with a check mark:
:white_check_mark: is :white_check_mark:

Incomplete or not to be completed activities can have a cross:
:negative_squared_cross_mark: is :negative_squared_cross_mark:

:pencil2: How to improve this How-To

This is a wiki post, like all the other How-To topics, so feel free to improve the content. Just leave a reply explaining what you’ve done and why it makes sense to do it that way.