I need a search-function, sort-function or filter-function

I have a lot of names in lists, but it is difficult to fast find a name in app-list, firewall-list and alarm-list too.
A search-function, sort-function or filter-function would be nice.

I use paid-version of GlassWire. Thanks!



Thanks for your feedback. Adding search is on our todo list.


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This is definitely on our todo list. :+1:

That’s something I’ve also requested long long time ago…
This should be your priority! I becomes very hard and irritating to manage the firewall list!
You cannot select easily several applications at once… you cannot clean/reset the list… you cannot short them by name to find them quickly…
PLEASE, this should be your priority, it’s not possible to work with Glasswire anymore when you have hundreds of process in the list…