Issue with nord vpn

A personal firewall is provided by GlassWire. This avoids the use of malware for nefarious reasons on my network. It believed NordVPN was up to no good on this occasion. NordVPN proposed a shift to the glasswire.conf file of GlassWire to get around the issue.

Instead of hostname_enable_lookup = true, the setting should be false. This might solve the problem.

Let me know if it worked. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, you can not use Nord’s client (but continue to use Nord’s service with another connection method), or you can try this other solution here:

We have seen less and less complaints about this nslookup issue with Nord though, so we think they have made changes on their end where it’s no longer an issue on most of their servers.

NORD VPN is really a pain believe me.

I am not a VPN user my friend told me that he faced some serious issues

If you see that some changes occured after you reinstall the VPN so why you do not want to repalce it witht eh previous software you have used. As I know Nord VPN is not good enough to use at all. But you canfind both positive and negative feedback. So, I can recommend you to change it to another VPN service.

I use WIndscribe/ VpyrVPN apknite and haven’t had any problem.

Hey, if you are still having same problem, you can try some other vpn services like Express or Cyberghost. The good thing is they offer money back guarantee. You can try their service if it work than change your service. Moreover Cyberghost is cheap whereas Express VPN is expensive.

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Specially after NordVPN got hacked I quickly unsubscribed and switched to a VPN I found for as low as $1.33 per month for lifetime, with tons of premium features at a far less risk of being hacked with super security.

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I don’t have a experiance of using VPN with Glasswire firewall, However i read it on some high authority forum’s were people saying fastestVPN work’s properly with Glasswire firewall without any hurdle.

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Same issue happen with me So i started doing research on how to setup nord vpn for windows PC. I have read several blogs. I hope that you might find any one of them. Even you can use it for mac also.
The best blog i found on tweaklibrary about How to install and setup NordVPN on Windows 10 and Mac. Must read that blog.