Linux / Mac OS support, please

Since you asked (in your FAQ), if you should have a Mac / Linux version of GlassWire, I would like to tell you that it would be great to see a Mac version being made available and I would personally very much be interested in it.

No idea how difficult it is for you, but I’m sure more people would be interested.



I guess that the main challange here would be to write data collection module, since UI is written using Qt and should be easily portable.

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If they are using Qt, that’s great news to keep the UI (re-)work minimal - at least for linux. Many companies still choose to use native UI libraries under Mac OS X and it would actually be brilliant to see this become a menu bar item, from my personal view.

I don’t have much experience with network data collection, but I believe there is a Qt Network module - not sure they are using that for anything, though, or if it would even be sufficient.

We wanted to see if the Windows software was popular before investing time and money on a Mac version. Maybe we’ll release our paid Windows software then do a Kickstarter for Mac or something like that.

I was about to say that the best way would be to open source it ( I’d love to hack some good Qt code on OSX) but if you want to monetize this I guess you didn’t even consider that.

Thank you Ken for the response. Please keep us updated if you decide to make this available on other platforms. Regarding the time-line, I guess this would take several months?

At least several months unfortunately. It’s hard!

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If there is some core library that could be made open-source, it might be worth thinking about community help to speed it up. The full application could still be available to be purchased or the advanced features you need people to pay for could simply not be available in the open-source version.

Either way, I hope it will be a success!

Chris, we’ll investigate some options. Thank you.

I’ll second Chris’s comment for a Mac version.

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Hear hear! I’d love a Mac version of this.


Made an account just to beg for a linux version! This tool is awesome


Also made an account to beg for a Mac version. This tool looks amazing, but sadly I don’t use Windows at all, anywhere. Bookmarked and signed up on the mailing list to wait :slight_smile:

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I also made an account to request a Mac version! This software is too cool to just limit to Windows.


Linux version please! (Debian based pref.:slight_smile:


Another vote for a linux version! Sure, there are lots of ways of doing similar things on linux but this one is fantasticly excuted!


Another vote for a Linux version as well please


A Linux version where we could monitor a server using the desktop UI would be great.


Hey guys, any news regarding the alpha version?

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Hi, I haven’t heard anything about an alpha version, but just noticed that you can now sign-up for “GlassWire Mac News”, if you go to under OS X, where it says:

GlassWire for Mac is on the way!
Join our email list to get access to our early Mac beta before anyone else.

Guess they did take note of our interest in a Mac / Linux version :smile:

Apparently “New Users” can’t put links into forum posts anymore, which is why I used the short version above
funny, though, since my original post does contain a link :link:

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