Linux / Mac OS support, please


Im also interested in a Linux version… great way to monitor servers


Just tossing my two-cents in. I’ve love to have a Linux version. It could just hook into iptables for all I care. What I want is the excellent GUI and monitoring. I’d certainly Kickstart that too (provided I get a copy ;-)).


For all Mac users you can use 'Little Snitch" work great on my Mac and MBP 15".


Sure, there are alternatives, but have you used Glasswire for comparison yourself? I think GW has a much nicer UI and more informative overview - the developers thought about what information is relevant. LS on the other hand feels crowded and doesn’t easily show you thinks like “first network activity”. Sure, all of this could be added to LS, but it isn’t there and who knows if it ever will be. I am using both (LS and GW) and I certainly see the advantages of LS with its fine grain control over any outgoing connections you want to allow, but I would still very much encourage GW to rise up to a worthy competitor to LS …


We are working on something for Mac, but it won’t be anything like Little Snitch.


Another vote for a Mac version.


We’re thinking about calling the Mac version something different besides GlassWire. Any name ideas?


Well, just don’t call it something like iWire :wink: I personally can’t stand adding the ‘i’ in front of everything Mac related.

How about:


It’s sort of the opposite of GlassWire and it sounds pretty good to me. Since it could be an invisible cloak (as in WireCloak), it also still relates to transparency :wink:

CatWire / WireCat

It still relates to GlassWire and “Cat” is what the ethernet cables categories are called :scream: :smile_cat: .


Well, it sounds delicious.

Other more boring suggestions:
WireView / NetView
WireAlert / NetAlert


Unless it is a different product, keep the name the same… Would make things so confusing if it has a different name, and wouldn’t make use of any of the publicity and reputation GlassWire already has.


I’m most interested in the detailed app internet download and upload statistics and tracking. As in Australia, our internet has limits (so 1TB a month or whatnot), and GlassWire is the only app I know that makes tracking down what’s using your allowance not guesswork, unfortunately it’s not on Mac.


I’d love a Linux version. You can use QT for the UI (it will work in GNOME and gtk based desktops too) and the data collection will be easier than any other platform, mainly because you have access to each and every file in it


Yes please, a Mac version. Same name, I think it’s clever and descriptive.


We prefer to use a separate product name for the Mac software because Macs have some different functionality and vice versa, so GlassWire for Mac would not be identical to the PC version.


okey it’s very nice oh my god


Packets sounds good to me! Will this also compile under linux - have you tried to make it compatible or would that be a third product?


@chris Thanks! We aren’t sure yet about Linux/Unix. Hopefully we can do both Linux/Mac eventually.


I’ve been using Little Snitch for years now, and ran across GlassWire while casting about for alternatives. I’d be very interested in switching to GlassWire for Mac (whatever you end up calling it, though that sounds just fine to me) if it will provide the same sort of control over outgoing connections as the Windows version.

I think one key to making a successful product is having a reasonably up-to-date set of default rules in place. The fact that Little Snitch is a bit slow in this area is the reason I started looking around for alternatives: I just tried installing the latest version of LS on a new computer running El Capitan, and was immediately forced to deal with a spate of notifications about connection attempts unfamiliar processes … all of which appear to be part of the default OS installation. That sort of thing can be frustrating even to an experienced user. I imagine most new users would probably uninstall the product immediately.

I’m sure it must take a lot of work to keep the rules updated and documented, so users will know what’s getting through and have the information they need to make decisisons about what to change. But it’s important to keep the initial setup as hassle-free as possible, so new users will have some time to get used to a product before being forced to make a lot of decisions.

I’m looking forward to checking out Glasswire for Mac when it’s ready.


Little Snitch is great software. Thanks for your feedback. Hopefully when we do make something on Mac you’ll give it a try. Please join our email list on our download page to be one of the first to know when it’s released.


Glasswire running on more platforms makes it more attractive to buy because I am investing in a product that is useful in more contexts.

I am primarily a Windows user and only occasionally a Mac or Linux user but I prefer to use multiplatform software. Where two products have similar functionality, I will use the multiplatform product even if it offers 10% less functionality.


I’m really looking forward to a Mac OS X version of GlassWire. I think the name GlassWire is good.

The key feature that make me wish for GlassWire is network rate limit by app or process. That would be a huge deal breaker.

Thank you for your hard work. I am really excited to know that this software could be soon on my computers running OS X (and Linux).