Multiple Problems (Attempting Connection, Eating CPU USAGE TOO MUCH, Glasswire Not Responding, Very Slow Reading Of Usage Data)

So guys it been months since i asked U about the problem of usage tab

& Guys it’s been 2 months & 14 days too be more precise it’s been 74 days
& for some reason u guys didn’t fix the problem properly .

Here are some examples

So guys as u can see from the above gif’s
I can’t really start the glasswire because of these problems
The problems as u can see are
1) Repeatedly getting Attempting connection
2) Repeatedly getting GlassWire (Not Responding)
3) Slow reading of Usage data

Some important points
1) It’s been 5 days now since I started having these terrible problems
2) I am a heavy user of Bittorrent
3) I have an extremely large number of network connections
4) I tried reinstallation 3 times .
5) I don’t want to delete my database file
6) Size of database file is approx. 1 gb
7) I am using 1.1.15b version of glasswire
8) I am running windows 7

& My cpu usage is

As you guys can see above that cpu usage of both Glasswire.exe and GWCtlSrv.exe

So guys now what to do
The only option have left is delete the database file but i really dont want to delete the database file


SO plz guys plzz solve this problem as soon as possible because if we have to delete the file monthly what’s even the point of the having the database file? :angry:


PLZ guys tell me this problems will be fixed on the next update
at least give me some hope :worried:

Thanks for this detailed post. I didn’t know it was possible to make screencasted gifs like that, it’s very cool!

We plan to have an update out in the next week or so that will help a lot with the failed connection. Then around 30 days later we’ll have an update that decreases resource usage significantly for everyone.

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The main issue now is Database file i really don’t want to lose it!!
So i really don’t have to delete the database file right !!!
plz tell me that i am right i don’t have to delete it
at least give me some hope that you will fix the database issue on the next update

And Plz dont tell me that it will take some time to fix the database problem and it will not fixed on next week update

I think the next release will fix the problem for most people. I wish we could guarantee it will work 100% for you.

If you run into the problem again on the next update email our helpdesk and we’ll send you a custom version to help find out what’s going on, if you feel comfortable helping us look for the bug.

Okay now i think there is hope !!!
Ahh what a relief :relieved:

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Hey guys i installed your newer version of Glasswire it seems like it ran fine for 3 days and then it finally eating my CPU usage every 15 to 20 minutes
Glasswire service eating my CPU usage a lot atleast 16% of my CPU usage every 15 to 20 minutes so solution i come up with is to don’t run the Glasswire for a while … :worried: :cry:
So guys can u plz tell me how many days it will take to resolve this issue

It may take one month or longer. This bug mostly only effects users with long histories, or users who use Bittorrent software but we’re rewriting GlassWire to solve this for everyone. To solve the problem temporarily try clearing your history.

Guys i already know if i have to solve this problem i have to clear the history
But just how many time’s? :angry:
I already cleared the history 2 times
In the new version everytimes it hit 25 to 26 Gigabytes it starts to consumes CPU and hangs a lot
History is important guys

What’s even the point of having the application if we have to clear the history everytime to reinstall the application or to clear the CPU usage we have to clear the history everyfucking time :angry:

Plz guys i know you are working hard but you guys are taking too long to fix this …
i know this not that easy …
but this problem is taking way too long :angry: … plz guys plz guys :sob: :tired_face: