Problem with the USAGE TAB

hey guys actually i never told you this one but this is a problem since 1.0.30 or after that build
well i don’t know if any other builds are there because i never used the previous builds
so guys what my problem is

when u go to the usage tab you see your total downloaded and uploaded usages but
if you press the button on the left side

it will slow’s down the whole glasswire application and sometimes becomes unresponsive and eat your cpu usage too and it will only happen when when you have lots of usages in a month like i have 500 gbs in a month so guys plz fix this problem ASAP

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll try to recreate this and get it fixed ASAP!

Can you plz tell me something am i the only one that have this problem
does some other user report this before me.

and plz can u tell me that how much time it will take to fix it.

I can’t reproduce it on my computer unfortunately. If possible have you tried clearing your history and seeing if that solves it? Maybe a uninstall/reboot/reinstall would help.

Yes i reinstalled the program 2 times and i tried to clean my history and it STILL PERSISTS
and i really don’t know the reason why this happening but it always only happen when a month passes or
you are an internet crawler like me or you have to at least surf the internet like hell for 20 days

We will have an update out probably tomorrow or next week at the latest. Please test and let us know if the update solves it.

Hey one more thing i notice it’s eating my memory too like when you use glasswire for whole 1 month and usage tab holds large information of usages
see these snapshots

when we use day tab the the difference is not much but when we use week tab the difference is worse and when we use the month tab the difference is much worse . and these tabs eat cpu usage too and it’s slows down the glasswire application.


Yes, one of the main complaints about GlassWire is memory usage. We plan to improve this significantly after the next major release. Solving this problem requires a major rewrite but we’re going to solve it.

It’s an interesting problem because not all people have this issue but some people do and we need to fix it.

okay understood

and [quote=“Ken_GlassWire, post:8, topic:1046”]
We plan to improve this significantly after the next major release.

by that u mean next month update right or u could say may month’s update or 2nd major update



We will absolutely not delete any features from GlassWire, but instead only add new ones.

Hey guys its been 7 days
and i want to say that this problem is still here
in 7 days i have been downloading data and surfing the net a lot
and just when i thought glasswire is going okay and then when i go to usage tab and see my monthly and weekly usage it slows down glasswire or should i say there is a lag when u click monthly option and weekly option so guys plz fix this ASAP and plz make me buy it .

Please email our “bugs” email on our contact page so I can help directly.

so when u guys revealing your next update
guys plz this problem is so annoying
because every time i want to know how many usage i used in previous days it lags a lot and it eats up memory
so how many days more?

We hope to have an update in around 1 week, then a major update in 45 days.

Hey guys Now what
You guys said you will solve the problem with The Usage update it’s been whole freaking month
U guys said u will solve this problem in the next 45 days but u didn’t solve it guys
but i can see some improvements now it become more responsive but not that responsive
Now it doesn’t take that much memory but it take a fair amount of memory
so guys when this problem gonna solve can u plz tell me :cry: :sob: