New activation necessary after update?



I have bought Glasswire Pro for 3 pcs`s and installed it at January on one PC.
The Glasswire version was 1.2.88. Then updated to 1.2.96. Now I recognized that
Glasswire is not more activated after update? I activated again at the same PC with
the same key.

Is there the possibility to check if there are still two activations left?

Regards, malone7



Yes, please email our contact page. If you’re not having any problems though it’s probably fine.


Same happens to me - after each update I need to reactivate Glasswire. Is this a bug?

CCleaner and the de-activation of GlassWire


Yes, GlassWire should never require activation after an update.

  1. Uninstall GlassWire, reboot, then reinstall GlassWire with its “clean” install option in the installer. Unfortunately this will cause you to lose your settings.

  2. If you use PC cleaning software that can delete our files please white list our directories so our registration files won’t be deleted. Please white list the GlassWire folder in the ProgramData folder.

  3. If you use Kaspersky or another security product that sends all traffic through itself please white list GlassWire so it can access the network.

  4. Please unblock GlassWire with its own firewall if possible.

  5. If you have shared your code with others please let us know so we can help you.


@Ken_GlassWire this just happened without any version update. I opened GlassWire to check something and saw that the firewall is Off. I tried enabling it and it asked me to purchase GlassWire. I then realized that GlassWire is on free version and I have to reinsert my licence. How could this have happened? How can something just delete GlassWire licence entry? Shouldn’t this be protected somehow? Also interesting thing is that all the other settings were preserved, just the licence was removed?



Please email us and we can send you a testing version with logs to investigate why this happens for you.


Hi, it seems this activation problem happened to a lot of GW user. If you search “activation” topic in the forum, you will find some similar topics.
This has happened to me for quite a lot of times, every time my GW Basic got de-activate, I have to contact GW to help re-activate my GW Basic because I have been inserting my activation code too many times that when I re-activate it, “This key has already been used multiple times. Please contact us so we can help.” message pops up.
And to be honest, now I just let my GW in the free version since many months ago (yes I kept it, not uninstalled it because I think GW is a good software) rather than keep asking for help and got de-activated again until now.

So, is there any solution to this problem?