Norton 360 & Glasswire firewall compatibility

Good day folks,

I’m brand new to GlassWire as well as this forum. The program seems pretty cool so far (using Windows 10).

One little problem though: GlassWire’s firewall appears to be in conflict with Norton 360. It won’t turn on, block anything, etc. And I’m failing to figure it out, lol.

“Your Windows OS Firewall is disabled. Firewall disabled by Norton 360.”

All of GlassWire’s executable files have rules in Norton’s firewall allowing GlassWire traffic. (Several appeared automatically with installation, and I manually created the rest.) I added GlassWire.exe as a real time exclusion (from auto-protect, script control & so on).

There doesn’t appear to be anything else is either settings menu to to improve or enable compatibility. All of the discussions I’m seeing here on the topic are several or more years old and I’m not seeing any solutions so far.

Anyone got any ideas? Thanks. :grin:

Glasswire & Norton firewall conflict - Copy

Hi SaveAHorseRideAMurse

Take a look at this thread, it might give you some clues.

Yes its about AVG but i would say the same thing is happening with Norton. You cant use Windows defender firewall with another firewall on the same level. If Norton firewall used Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) then you can have the two firewalls running, because Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) does not interact in any level with Windows Firewall.

Hope this info helps

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I was having the same issue with Comodo AV/FW/IS so after a few week of pulling out my hair I got rid of Comodo. It seems that some Antivirus and Firewall programs don’t play nice with GlassWire.


Thank you! I’ll take a look right away! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a problem that’s constantly repeated on all IT forums: don’t use two programs that have the same function at the same time.

I use Comodo FW (Microsoft FW disabled), Bitdefender AV Plus (Microsoft AV disabled) and Glasswire without its FW. Everything works perfectly.

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