Will GlassWire work with another antivirus program?

I have used AVG Internet Security for a long time and like some of its features but GlassWire works through Windows Firewall, is there a way to enable Windows Firewall and disable AVG’s firewall so that everything plays nice together? I don’t want to commit to a year subscription not knowing for sure.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hi John,

So it seems Installing AVG Internet Security will turn Off Windows defender firewall. AVG Firewall will be turned On and take over Windows firewall

Think you will have to find away to disable AVG Firewall. Or down grade the software that does not include the firewall, antivirus only.

Then you could install GlassWire as a trial and make sure all is fine. You could commit to a year subscription if it goes well.

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Okay, I have Glasswire installed. I can turn off AVG’s firewall in the programs settings and that turns on the Windows firewall but Glasswire still says AVG is stopping it from activating. I experienced a similar issue with running MBAM with avg, there is a flag (maybe in the registry) that makes anti-virus programs aware of each other. In Malewarebytes there is an option to “register MBAM with Windows Security Center” and when i turn it off it works fine with AVG. Glasswire is probably checking a registry entry of some kind to determine what firewall is running.

That may be something you want to pass along to the devs, for a possible fix. In the meantime I doubt there is anything I can do. Thanks anyway.

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Hi John

I am just another user like yourself. Maybe the GlassWire team might read this to investigate.

When you installed GlassWire did you select the options during the install process

Restore windows firewall default settings.

clean install

That might work or not…

If it was me, i would uninstall AVG and just use GlassWire
with Windows Security (Windows Defender) Problem solved!
Its up to you though…

Another knowledgeable user has also talked about this in the past please see below

AVG needs to improve

These sort of problems have not gone away with AVG 2016 and 2017 as users continue to have problems disabling the AVG firewall and reenabling the Windows firewall. This is disturbing because it appears that AVG do not make it easy to reenable the Windows firewall.
With AVG 2015, the subject of this topic, it was not sufficient to disable the AVG Firewall.because AVG also installs a filter driver which also had to be turned off as instructed here: https://support.avg.com/answers?id=906b0000000D3C6AAK 7

Open Control Panel

  1. Open Network Sharing Center
  2. Click the link to “Local Area Connection” in the Connections area on the right
  3. Click Properties
  4. You should see in the list of items one called “AVG network filter driver” - if this has a tick, deselect it and then click OK
  5. The remaining windows and then turn the Firewall back on - hopefully this should work!

Users allow AVG to take over

Users of paid editions of AVG install it and give it permission to enable its own firewall and disable the Windows firewall. So it is not just a GlassWire issue if users allow it. Conversely, GlassWire could not reenable the Windows Firewall without users giving permission to remove AVG control.

Users of AVG free versions avoid this issue because the AVG Firewall is only available with the paid

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I am not familiar with the AVG product.
Question: does AVG FW need Windows FW (WFW)? Apparently not.

I tested Simplewall which uses WFP (Windows Filtering Platform), like GWFW, by disabling WFW. It works.

You can probably use AVG’s FW and disable WFW and GWFW.

I use GW without its FW and use another FW that is not based on WFW and WFP. It disables WFW on installation and that doesn’t stop GW working for network monitoring.