Notification "Block All mode"

Hello GlassWire Team,

I have a question about your beautyful (I love it!) GlassWire:
Is it possible to hide the popup-window
which appears on the desktop when I
choose “Block all applications”?
It disturbs me very much.

Best regards

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We’re afraid to hide the “Block all” window, because we’re afraid some user may think their Internet is broken and not know why. Windows now hides most apps listed in the notification area by default so it may be difficult or impossible to figure out what’s happening for most normal users without this box.

Maybe we can add some hidden setting somewhere for power users like you. Sorry for the problem and thanks for your feedback.

Hello Ken, hello GlassWire Team,

It is a pity that it is not possible.
If I hope for the future.
Even though many thanks for the quick answer.
Btw: I wish you, the custom GlassWire graph in
your office alerts you many many times. :slightly_smiling:
Best regards

Well, it’s been almost 6 years. Apparently the fear persists. Suggest using the free tool by Sordum(dot)org “Net Disabler” to navigate around this fear. But thanks Glasswire for being fearful for me.