Option to delete old firewall entries

I was thinking, this software gets a lot of entries in it’s firewall list. I occasionally go through and prune the list from time to time to keep the list smaller and hopefully more optimized. I have noticed so many entries that are simply orphaned entries. I would like to request a feature that could delete non existent entries, which would make this tedious job much easier and less of a chore. I think that would be reasonable, have an option in the program to delete orphaned file entries. It would be a huge improvement, even if the firewall doesn’t need to be optimized. I don’t know if it slows down or not, but sometimes the efficiency of turning off and on the firewall is pretty slow as is. Why not eliminate a few hundred entries if they are not pointing anywhere?


Hi @Jeordie,

Thanks for your feedback, I have passed this to our R&D team.

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This is a much needed feature. I now have over 200 entries for Opera. I’ve found that if you delete the orphaned entries from within the Windows Firewall controls, GlassWire just put them back next launch. :man_facepalming:

I’ve been waiting for something like this as well, very much needed! :slight_smile:

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Did this essential housekeeping feature make it into the new version? Or did R&D just spend 3 months concentrating on eye candy?

I tested the new version, and no they have not done it.
Still the same.
Long time request for this, and noted in past forums
when Ken was around.

Hey folks,

Is causing any issues on your devices, or if this is just a useful housekeeping feature, as suggested?


Please see my other thread. I suspect the hundreds of Opera firewall entries are a contributing factor. Possibly also a reason why disabling and re-enabling the firewall takes so long.

Hi @ittroll

Ahh thank you! I have spoken to our dev team directly and they need to research any possible side effects of implementing this enhancement feature. I’ll keep you posted with any updates.



instead of “delete all” button it would be MUCH better if Glasswire stopped with this nonsens:

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please please please----- need to get rid of clutter-----

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Oh great. I see the staffer dont GAF about fixing the most STUPID thing in Glasswire

i have NEWER seen anything like this in ANY firewall program i have used since windows 95.
Oh and it is NOT exclusive for discord, this happens to EVERY SINGLE “app” incl. WINDOWS apps using the same type of updates.

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Yep, core Windows components, Nvidia apps, MS Office, Defender, Edge, Teams, Opera (which still requires manual intervention after an update).

Just the ability to multi-select and delete would be start (assuming they are listed in version order).

In good news. The February release restored the UI elements which were lost following the September improvements.