Problem With Firewall Rules - Intel Driver Support Assistant

Intel Driver Support Assistant keeps asking for connect permission over and over. GlasssWire is set to Ask to Connect.

The Intel software keeps changing a temp file string which keeps asking to connect. When it cant immediately connect it assumes it cant connect to the internet (no keep alive) the connection is dropped. It then will create a different string and try to connect again later, generating a new rule for the new string. Over and over. It doesn’t matter if I allow each specific attempt, it will just repeat this same cycle. The \temp\... string keeps changing prompting for a new rule each time. Soon your firewall rules will be flooded with one times rules for this that no longer apply:


Go ahead and install this software. It is an automatic Intel driver updater. If you have any intel hardware (NIC, CPU etc.) it will keep them updated. You can see for yourself what I mean.

:point_right: This would be the best way to fix this problem.

I can confirm this issue. Same experience here. I had to turn the firewall off and then try to update. Did it manually with the Intel DSA Uninstaller and reinstalled.