Suggestion - Firewall Keep Alive Waiting for Connect Permission

I have noticed when Glasswire is set to Ask to Connect the popup shows asking for permission for the software to connect to the internet. However when it does this, it drops the initial connection by the time it takes you give it permission. Then the next time it tries to connect, it is allowed.

The default for this shouldn’t be to immediately drop the connection, there should be a time limit “keep alive” until the user gives it the proper permission. Probably unlimited until the user either allows or blocks the connection and creating the new rule. I have used other firewalls which handle this in the fashion described.

:point_right: This would also fix this problem.

But… there are some connections you never want to be ‘alive’ because of privacy concerns. Not even for a split second. That’s why I like what GlassWire does. By now I know the procedure when installing new software: allow the connection (or even unblock the whole app) and then have the installer try again, which usually works.

This is not how most firewalls handle this call and has created an issue specifically documented here.