Re-activating GlassWire after re-install. Possible?

I recently had an issue where I needed to re-install Windows on my PC (my primary drive failed) and when I did so, I also lost my first install of GlassWire which I had purchased and had an account for.

However, when I re-installed GlassWire and tried to use the same activation code I had received previously, I was notified that this is no longer a valid activation code. Is there a way to get a new activation code, or a way to use my original one? Or is this one of those, “You screwed up, give us more money to continue using this product you already paid for,” type scenarios?

The GlassWire team haven’t responded yet so I thought I’d allay your fears because they don’t do stuff like making you pay again.

If your email address is the same for this forum and your GlassWire purchase then they often reset the activation code before they respond.

Alternatively, you can get a faster response by emailing the helpdesk using the address on their contact page:

Yes, please email and we’ll get it fixed.

I should be caught up with all tickets by tomorrow at the latest and I apologize for any delay.