Remote Server Error

since Yesterday I have already a problem with the 7-days-Trial-Version and sometimes with the connection (Problem with connection after update / no Trial-Elite-Version available)

After some support from you I can start the Software, but I can’t find some folders; the directory structure isn’t the same anymore (yesterday it was okay).

I can’t find logs etc.

And also there is an error with the remote server too:

Since yesterday I have already done this;

  • I have rebooted my System (new Windows 7)
  • Then I had the same problem with the connection
  • I have installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2017
  • Since that the problem is no more there
  • But I the directory structure is another (see the pictures)
  • I have done clean install and reset firewall option

And any another things, but the program is now working, but still in the “Basic”-Trial-Version and not still in the 7-days-Elite-Trial-Version, so I can’t test the remote server;

P.S. the install was from Your website and no from a third part or another website.
And, no, no dump files(.dmp) was find in the desktop.

What can I do now, to get the free 7-days-Elite-Version and to run correctly the remote server? :disappointed_relieved:


I think I emailed you via the helpdesk. Did you get my questions/reply? If not let me know.

Meanwhile our team will keep trying to find the cause and reply at the helpdesk. We are unsure how it’s happening, thanks.


yes i have received an email and i also just answered!

Thank you very much for reply!

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To Fix the 500 Internal Server Error
Reload the web page.
Clear your browser’s cache.
Delete your browser’s cookies.
Troubleshoot as a 504 Gateway Timeout error instead.
Contacting the website is another option.
Come back later.