Things Scan lasts a long time

after this 2 problems:

which aren’t already solved I have the next one since today.

I have started to scan devices every day 3-5 times maybe 6 months ago. Every scan took 1-2min maximal; today every scan needed over 15 minutes.

I still have the the “normal”-Trial-Version (I couldn’t test the 7-days-Elite-Version :roll_eyes: ).

Why does it still took so long?

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How many devices are on your network? Hundreds? Thousands? Ten? It will help me answer.


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Hey @Ken_GlassWire,

normally I have between ~130 and 160 devices.
Yesterday (after 15+ min scan) there were exactly 148 devices, but it hase never took so much time like yesterday.

I hope it will help You.


It will take awhile to scan over 100 devices. This behavior is normal.

I’m using Things-Scan every day 5-10 times (since some months), but it took 1-2 min, since yesterday it need more time.

The PC etc. is the same.


Is this the paid or free version of GlassWire?