Remove server License requirement

After using Glasswire since its start; I finally bought the Pro version (which is going great btw. Keep up the great work!). My confusion/query is regarding the remote server feature; which is as follows:

  • According to the buy now page; a Pro license can have 10 remote connections.
  • For a remote server to work; we have to install Glasswire on the server too.
  • But pro license can only be installed for 3 PC’s

So how can we monitor 10 remote servers when we can only install the client on 3 servers?

The issue arose when I wanted to monitor/manage my fathers PC but I do not want to use up my license count as I am already using 2 on my work/home PCs and want to keep 1 for a 3rd main NAS server. Right now, I used up my license and the monitoring feature works great, however; I would like to free up the license without upgrading to the elite version.

I have searched the forums here, but could not find a solution so I had to create the post.
Hope to get a clear reply soon :slight_smile:

Tl;dr: Can only install on 3 PC’s but can monitor 10; each of which needs a separate activated glasswire. Help required.

AFAIK, you can monitor 10 free/activated versions with the Pro license. So the 3 activated PCs can each monitor 10 PCs with the free version installed. So with GlassWire Pro you can potentially monitor 33 PCs.

Refer to the following #how-to topic which I wrote for version 1, but AFAIK still applies to version 2, I included a couple of tables that indicates how many “moinitored/server” PCs can be monitored by the “monitor/client” PCs:

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So just to be clear; if I monitor a free client from my Pro client, I would be able to monitor and manage the firewall on my fathers PC? Or will it jst be monitor and not manage?
(I will test it soon too, and will update the results here just in case)

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You can monitor the PCs for free, but if you want to have paid features on those remote PCs you’d need a license.

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That is awesome that you guys include that, I never actually looked into it and assumed it was like most other applications where that feature is a paid option only.

This is why it’s bad to assume! lol

Great! Thanks for the explanation. As a work around; If i setup a firewall once on selected applications (like windows 10 telemetry etc); and then i revoke the license, the firewall settings will be maintained (since its windows firewall) and I can just continue to monitor the PC as free version? Granted I would only be able to monitor and not manage the firewall…


We didn’t really intend for it to work that way, but yes that’s true. :+1:

Yeah I know… but it’s a seldom used; low power system so not on the must monitor list. So it’ll do. Cheers :+1:
Thanks for the clarifications!

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