Signing In, Sgning Out, Signing In and Out and so on

Yeah. I know I said goodbye to the forum but I found this new strategy of consistent connectivity to the internet needed precise clarification.

Considering the assortment of discussion at the “V3 Update License” topic, I pulled this from there…

Well, I gave that a try and got this:

Further, we have three terms here, your unassociate and the console’s unlink and delete. Neither one evokes the otherwise benign concept of sign out. That there will be no more signing in! And does this have any effect on licensing? Plan or legacy.

If once continues with “Delete endpoint”, will “Manage account” in Settings > Account evoke a browser login to re-associate/undelete/re-link the Endpoint? If not, how CAN one sign in again? Using one’s account credentials, of course.

The alpha and betas I worked on since April had this in Accounts > Settings:

I was surprised to see that removed in the public release. I think you should put it back. Or at the very least, clean up that disquieting language in the Endpoint Unlink dialogue. If it isn’t actually as unforgiving and final as it says.

Hey dallas7,

As always your feedback is super helpful.

We have changed the message to have consistent language and to be more clear.