Skin editing suggestions (size and color) for individual expression

It would be great to allow skins to be edited. I’ve seen this request quite a few times and I’d like to add my vote to that desire. It would be great to allow the same kind of editing ability as Rainmeter. For instance, even the ability to widen the graph to extend the entire width of the monitor… AND the ability to hide the header/menu section AND of course, be able to change the color elements. I think that would be super cool to be able to manipulate the look so that it would lend itself to always be visible and in keeping with the chosen aesthetics of the individual’s desktop.Form and function is a win/win. Thanks for your consideration.

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Neat idea, thanks for your feedback. I will check our Rainmeter.

@Ken- For a minute there, I thought there was a Rainmeter plug-in or add-on for Glasswire, but now I see that you likely meant “out Rainmeter” vice “our Rainmeter.”

@WelcomedRain- h/t for the tip about Rainmeter, I just installed it via Chocolatey. I haven’t ventured into the aesthetic modding just yet, but the demo pages look great. Reminds me a lot of Conky.

FYI, if there is an existing suggestion then it is generally more important to add another supportive reply to that topic. Many individual topics carry a lot less weight than one long and consistent one that keeps returning to the Latest view.

The oldest topic requesting this appears to be from August 2014 and it’s only five posts and a miniscule 7 likes (including the like I added today). This is hardly likely to impress the GlassWire team that this should be developed.

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