Super full screen bug and solution

When I installed 2 over ver 1.2 and expanded the screen as large as it would go [on a second virtual desktop in WIndows 10] if I restart the computer with the expanded screen still showing then when the computer starts again and the Glasswire icon in the system tray is double-clicked then Glasswire shows up as only a full screen graph with no possibility of selecting anything above the graph. When I then uninstalled and went back to ver 1.2 I had the same problem. I did a clean install of 2.0 with the clear firewall settings option on and still had the problem.
The solution is to grab the top of the window and drag down and similarly with the side to make smaller so the tabs etc can be seen then expand the window to the full screen. Before shutting down or restarting the computer make sure that Glasswire is not full screen. Please see below for a pic of the screen that I have been describing:

I can comfirm the issue. Happen to me as well.

This is a known bug and we’re working hard to fix it. Sorry for the problem.

@asldjasldj @voidoid It’s fixed, please update

im becoming less and less impressed the longer i use this software. so buggy. you’d think these issues would be sorted before issuing the version to the public. i hate devs that rely on their customers to do their job. WASTE OF MONEY.

this didn’t fix anything. i still have the same fullscreen problem…


If you feel comfortable you can try this beta Try the GlassWire Windows 2.0.81 beta!

We found this bug and we feel confident it’s fixed with the beta. We will put out a full update soon.