Survey reward NOT for existing customers?

I have been pestered for my advice for what I want to do with the product and what I’m looking for, and when replying with the appropriate answers I get this " SECURESTART15" passcode for a 15% discount off of a premium membership; BUT if I’m an existing premium member, my opinion doesn’t count and I’m not offered a retroactive 15% discount on my current rate starting from when I claimed my survey bonus?

If you want to make it appealing, open the survey to everyone with the same prize, or say “An Offer For FREE MEMBERS ONLY.” or else it’s WORSE than CLICKBAIT!!!

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Well I’m glad I’m not the only one asking what this is about. I’m a paid subscriber, and the product I’ve got calls itself Glasswire Basic. After completing the questionnaire and exploring the resulting link, all I see is a choice between Free and “Premium”. No mention of “Basic”. Does anyone know what gives?

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I’m sorry if the message was not clear but the promo code is valid for new clients only, thus not applicable for existing paid licenses.
We’ll make sure to amed the wording in our message.

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Hi @dougd,

Code based licenses (Basic, Pro and Elite) were discontinued and replaced with the cloud based licenses (Premium) in November 2022. Please see this post for a full explanation: Premium vs Legacy License - #9


Hi @VGAstudent,

Sorry for the miscommunication. I have now manually added a discount to your renewal to ensure you benefit from completing the survey. .