The GlassWire Service Has Stopped Running

I’m running Win 7 x 64. I just installed GlassWire today, so it’s the most recent version (freeware downloaded from GlassWire website). This is a firewall, right? It’s pretty and all that, but it doesn’t appear to work! I’ve re-enabled Windows Firewall. Every time I try to run GlassWire all I get is a greyed out icon with the message ‘The GlassWire Service Has Stopped Running’ and when I click on Restart GlassWire … nada … Computer says No …

Why isn’t there a pop-up warning you that your Firewall has just decided not to run? Dangerous … I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t gone into the taskbar hidden notifications area to take a look.

Not good. Buggy s/w. Not the kind of thing you want to have out there trying to sell itself as a security app.

There are a lot of products out there that disable the Windows firewall and replace it with their own firewall. If GlassWire disabled the Windows firewall and tried to replace it, then failed then I agree that would be a big security problem.

With GlassWire our main priority is to never do any harm to our users and that’s why we decided to use the built in Windows Firewall with our software instead of creating a secondary firewall software. With the error you’re seeing GlassWire has not disabled your Windows firewall. I am sorry for any confusion that made you think we disabled your firewall and then our own firewall failed, but fortunately our software does not work that way.

Please email our helpdesk and I have a new version of GlassWire I can send you that fixes this. We hope to have a new update out in a couple weeks.

Ah, so now I understand. Glasswire is not a firewall, at all. The issue here is that the ‘How-to-Geek’ newsletter that I receive went on about how much they’re fans of the new “Glasswire Firewall”. So, I disabled Windows Firewall and then installed Glasswire as I’m well aware of the possible conflicts of running two firewalls at the same time. But, I say again, Glasswire is not a firewall. It is a souped up version of what you can already see in Task Manager regarding network usage. It goes further by telling you which apps, processes, services, etc. are accessing your LAN. So, I don’t need it, then, not unless I want to identify apps or processes that use a lot of bandwith? Right? I’ve re-enabled my Windows Firewall and I guess I’ll be uninstalling GlassWire, as although it’s a harmless and rather pretty piece of kit, I can’t see the point of it. Finally, if you’re suggesting that someone emails your help desk, kindly include that email address in your response, as I can find no mention of it anywhere on your website. Good luck with the app!

We call GlassWire a firewall because it allows you to block/unblock applications from accessing the Internet. Our decision to work with the Windows firewall is because we felt it is something most people feel comfortable trusting plus we wouldn’t introduce instability or potential security problems to Windows by adding untested technology.

GlassWire is much more than a firewall though. With GlassWire you can go backwards and forward in time and see details about your network activity, get alerted to network related changes to your computer that could indicate malware, get notified about new apps phoning home, see what your computer was doing on the network while you were not using it, monitor remote servers, manage your bandwidth usage in detail to save money from your ISP, plus our paid version has many more features.

I hope you’ll consider using GlassWire again in the future and we’re sorry to see you go.

It sounds like a very interesting product. I agree with you that the Windows Firewall does a fine job at protecting one’s computer from unauthorised access and it sounds like you’ve built some very useful tools to complement it. I’d say it will be much more interesting to users of larger networks than me, and particularly for companies, whereas I am a private user. All the best with it!