Try the GlassWire Windows 2.0.81 beta!


Thanks @JHefile. We’ll figure out a solution to this.


I just booted up this morning and in the list many were Blocked without asking me. Win 10 Pro x64 v1709


I paid for a 10 user Elite edition, and now I learn that you are still in Beta!! Because of all the bugs, how can I trust your software to protect my machine? These problems should have had better testing before putting Glasswire on the market.

When do you expect to release a NON beta version?



GlassWire 2.0 is not in beta and can be downloaded from This forum thread has a beta version that is optional.

I have now updated the first post in this thread to make it clear that GlassWire 2.0 is not in beta.

It is not uncommon for software betas to be released for testing to make sure the software is stable when a full version is released. For example you can see how Firefox does this also


I purchased 2.0. It does not work properly. I now find out that you have to put out Betas to try to get it working properly. Your company is not on the up and up and I find that disgraceful. The firewall rules don’t stick and the GUI does not work on my Surface laptop. This is no way to handle a program whose main function is to be a firewall. How can I trust it?



Please let us know what exactly isn’t working properly and we’ll get it fixed.

Also it would help to know more about how the GUI does not work.

Yes, it’s true we are putting out beta releases to increase software quality and fix bugs faster. We have always put out betas for years to make sure our public releases have minimal bugs. Perhaps in the future we won’t post the betas to the forum anymore and we’ll keep them on our beta test email list.

We thought it might be fun for our normal user base to beta test updates in the forum.

I apologize for the problems you are experiencing.


A beta test would be cool if you had a sticky for sign up via email request. That way people getting the beta would know what they signed up for. Then maybe have a separate section in the forum for discussion so as to not confuse the regular release questions and users.


After another reboot the Apps seam to be fine so it has to do with something on a clean reinstall and first reboot IMO.

In the Picture below I want these two Blocked!


Confirmed on a second system after first reboot on a clean reinstall of the beta.


Hi Ken
OS Version is Windows 7 and VMware workstation 14 Screen 1920 x 1200
Note it seems the screen resolution does change depending on the size of the window at the time. The size i mentioned above was full screen. DPI is set Smaller 100% (default)


Does the new beta resolve the Trojan issue or has that not been resolved yet. Even though it’s a false positive, it’s annoying when windows security keeps giving the false alarm



It should resolve it if you don’t block Windows Defender, but if you block it from accessing the network, it reappears. We’re looking at some other options to stop this.

Glasswire occasionally going bigger than fullscreen and I cant do anything

Please keep the betas publicly accessible like many (most?) other service program sites do! It makes testing more accessible.


Any news on a newer version with a fixes that we have issues with?




So far no major issues on the Beta.

Using profiles is a little clunky, so as I “tune” a profile, and I make a “good” change, then I go back to the profile and check the “use current profile rules”.

So, I’ve created a few profiles to allow specific programs to update.

Like all beta software, nothing is perfect, but I’m a lot happier with Glasswire on my computer than without it. The ability to block stupid windows stuff, cortana, “hidden” system tasks, etc. is priceless.




First, happy new year. Sorry for coming late to the thread.

I just installed this beta version on my home server, and recorded the whole process on video. As you can see, upon first run the scan tab was already active and reported active nodes on my home network, without me ever touching anything in settings. Moreover, I was not able to find any option to disable it in the settings window (did you change the name or location of this feature again?).

Despite showing the items as blurred, GlassWire is still scanning my network. After I stopped recording, I clicked the scan button again, and it scanned the network again. I couldn’t find how to turn this feature off (as in, disable it so that even clicking the button won’t make it scan my network).




We use two different techniques to check for “Things” on the network. GlassWire uses one technique after its installation that is not very invasive and shouldn’t cause any security alerts.

Then if you press “scan” or choose to turn on the Things scan we use a secondary type of system to scan in detail that gives more accurate results.

We have always had the first time of scan since the original version of GlassWire and nobody has complained that I remember, so that’s why we do one scan with that method after install.



Would it be too difficult to disable it? I mean having an option in settings that disables the functionality, so that even if the button is clicked accidentally, it will not scan the network.

May I also ask if by “not very invasive” you mean doing an ARP scan? If so, please note that Cisco and most other enterprise switches that support NetFlow which will report ARP scans and will trigger an alert in network management software and IDS that integrate NetFlow reports. Now I am pretty sure this is what triggered the alerts at my hosting provider.



The second scan type that you must trigger yourself is an ARP Scan, but the other list of “Things” is generated by something that all Windows PCs do automatically with the ARP table so it should not trigger anything. I watched the video and I did not see the scan update again, unless I missed it?


It didn’t update again. I wanted to see the traffic, so I ran WireShark and clicked the scan button to see what was happening on the wire.