Upgrading to GlassWire 2.0, tips, tricks, bug reports, feedback, and fixes

Tried those solutions, still stuck here.
After reinstall the firewall rules in glasswire are reset, but the rules in Windows Firewall will quickly come back.

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OK, let’s try it again, but in a slightly different way. Back up your history/settings if you need to https://www.glasswire.com/userguide/#Backup_Settings

Uninstall GlassWire completely in add/remove programs.


Go to the “GlassWire Firewall” control panel and choose "Restore Defaults.


Install GlassWire and make sure the “clean install” and “reset firewall” options are both checked.

How is it now?

Didn’t work? Uninstall GlassWire again, then go to the C:/ProgramData folder and delete the “GlassWire” folder, then do the same steps above again. Maybe somehow something isn’t being cleaned?

maybe “euclidean” want to ensure GW has proper permissions to also access appdata/local.
I had some issues in the past after windows upgrade

Maybe it is a nice option for future releases to leave it up to the user how to sync to the (GW-) windows-firewall entries. In fact I do not see a reason to store FW-config anywhere else (backup file of course which would be nice to have it as an XML) GW might read from windows FW on startup.
I have the other effect here: Did NOT select the “reset firewall” but all the entries gone (No problem at all. I am quite happy the new version finally works for me).

The Firewall display (disabled applications) was better before. Well it is greyed which is nice but the crossed icon is quite difficult to distinguish (I become old and my glasses stronger).

Years ago I used a program called “Windows7FirewallControll” which also just was a nice frontend to the system firewall. So I really like that operation principle.

Btw. I did not find to disable the “Elite special offer” nag screen.
Of course there is a good chance I will upgrade. But not this way especially because the experience shows if there are nagscreens in software they never really disappear (there will be others soon) :frowning:
It was a real pity screw up the great application this way!
Display once after upgrade or inside the “about” when checking the version should be enough.

Love the virustotal feature. I really missed that before and used the VT-uploader APP a lot.

Go to the “GlassWire Firewall” control panel and choose "Restore Defaults.

What / where is this?


Sorry, it was supposed to say “Windows Firewall” control panel I think? I’ll find it and correct it.

Here’s how to find it. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028544/windows-turn-windows-firewall-on-or-off

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just wanted to report that the bug still seams to appear when overal data goes over 1tb.
Im on Version 2.0.84.


Please give details on what is wrong. Also, did you clear your stats or is GlassWire reading stats from a previous 1.X or 2.X version of GlassWire? Thanks.

in the post from @euclidean he showed that his usage tab shows wrong overall usage.
it seams that in my case this problem still ocurres if I select a custom time range that includes more than 1tb of data. Any timerange including less than 1tb of data shows correctly. Yes im using data from a previous version 1.x and i would like to keep all my data if possible. i already uninstalled and reinstalled glasswire and imported my data from a backup to see if that would help using the guid on this forum. but it didnt.

Yes I can confirm that my usage tab’s malfunction is also correlated with chosen time range of data more than 1tb. I upgraded from GW1.x directly.


So, it appears somehow during the 2.0 upgrade your database was damaged. I apologize for the problem.

I will ask our team if there is some way to edit your database. Do you have a general idea on what the correct stats were? Do you have any backups of the database in our 1.X format?

For anyone else reading this, here is how to back up your Database in case you want to do so: https://www.glasswire.com/userguide/#Backup_Settings

unfortunatlly i dont have a backup from before i upgraded but if im able to edit the database file i might be able to find the problem.

is it really my database that is damaged since when i scroll trough all the connections (Apps, Host, traffic-type) my data shows correctly. its just in those places where the data goes over 1tb that it shows wrong.

when I select a shorter custom time range that has less than 1 tb
everything looks fine again.

@JonathanClifton Our team found this is probably a conversion problem from GB to TB. The good news is that when we release an update it will probably fix your problem permanently. Please give us some time to put an update together.

Thanks for letting us know about this issue.

@JonathanClifton @euclidean Please try this update https://www.glasswire.com/download/

GlassWire partially disables my firewall. That is malicious activity
I am currently not using the firewall feature of GlassWire, but it apparently still wants to touch my Windows Firewall settings and set all Profiles to default settings anyway. I have my Windows Firewall in whitelist setup and your GlassWire Service program always resets it upon starting up. I have all connections blocked by default, including outbound, would appreciate if you did not nonchalantly allow all outbound connections without a warning. If Glasswire offered whitelist firewall, I might use it, for now I do not wish to do so. However opening my firewall without my authorization is unacceptable.


GlassWire 1.0 used to work by resetting the Windows Firewall API completely and could interact with other rules.

With GlassWire 2.0 we redesigned it so we never touch other rules, and GlassWire does not even touch the Windows Firewall API at all if it is switched to “Off” under the Firewall tab and the firewall is “Off” by default on install.

Can you give me some information?

  1. Did you upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0, or is this the first time you have used GlassWire?
  2. Is your GlassWire Firewall tab switched to “On” or did you ever turn it on?
  3. Why do you think GlassWire has changed your pre-set rules? Can you give more details on what was changed?

Feel free to email us if it’s private information, thanks. https://www.glasswire.com/contact/

Fresh install of GlassWire 2.0, I also uninstalled and installed again, just to be sure it wasn’t some setting being screwy. Should probably have posted this elsewhere actually.

When computer starts up, it also starts GlassWire Service. Upon starting, this service changes my Windows Firewall settings, regardless if I have the firewall inside GlassWire enabled or not.
Enabling and disabling the firewall inside GlassWire has same effect.


You can check this by opening the Advanced Firewall Settings.
Win+R : wf.msc
Ensure you have “Outbound connections” as “Block”.
Open services.
Win+R : services.msc
Find “GlassWire Service”, stop and start it again.
On the Windows Firewall, outbound rules are now allowed. Might have to refresh the window for it to show.


We confirmed there is a bug. This behavior is not intentional. We’re working on an update, sorry for the problem.

Everything works fine now :slight_smile: