UWP games account login issues


I have my Glasswire Firewall set to ‘Ask to connect’, but for some reason, whenever I play UWP games from the microsoft store (and recently the Xbox Games Pass), these games refuse to connect to my Microsoft profile, unless I turn the firewall off.
I have, ofcourse, given the games permission through the popups that Glasswire gives me and I don’t see any blocked applications in the list either.

I can work around it by disabling my firewall when I play a UWP game, but this does not have my preference, ofcourse!

Has anyone else encountered similar issues or have any ideas on how to resolve this?


If an app is behaving strangely and won’t appear on “Ask to connect” one thing you can do instead is to create a “Profile”.

With your Profile make sure the apps are unblocked, then switch “Ask to connect” back on.

It’s unusual for apps not to appear in “Ask to connect” but it can happen with some unusual apps types and creating a firewall profile is usually an easy solution.


Hey @Ken_GlassWire ,

Thanks so much for the fast reply!
I’ve just created a new profile, with default settings and turned on ask to connect.
As I expected, my game will ask for permissions, but the account functionality still does not work.

I get that it’s very unusual for an app to not appear. I think it’s something inside the Windows/Xbox profile integration that’s not asking for access. I suspect that it’s one thing that I have to find and then allow that through the firewall and all is good. But I cannot find what it is.
Does Glasswire write logs of it’s own or can I use the default Windows Firewall logs to check if that shows anything that was blocked?

A small update after some investigation I think it might be related to Teredo.
I found this another issue posted on this forum: forum. glasswire .com/t/issue-fixed-win10-teredo-ipv6/8820, but sadly that does not fix the issue for me.



I thought perhaps if you created a profile where your game worked and it’s unblocked in “Ask to connect” it might solve the issue.

Could you give us details on what games aren’t working in “Ask to connect”? We can then ask our quality assurance team to test.


I’ve encountered it before in the game Gears 5, thinking it was a singled out issue with that game, I didn’t spend that much time on it.
I got Xbox Games Pass this weekend and have encountered the issue so far with these games:

  • Lonely Mountains: Downhill - game crashes when ‘Loading Profile’ shows up, it’s fine if I disable ask to connect
  • Rage 2 - Game plays fine, but the in-game store will not connect, resulting in me not getting any achievements. When I disable ask to connect, the store loads fine and I get achievements.

Thank you!


Same problem with Halo MCC, when firewall is on after splash screen Windows Store will pop up asking to buy game. If firewall is off everything works fine.

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We will try to recreate this. Thanks for your report and Happy New Year.

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