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Hi robbe58,

Thanks for your question. The 5 pack at $60 you are referring to is the “Family Plan” which is $60 for 5 Premium endpoints. If you were to purchase this, you would be able to upgrade 5 PCs in addition to the ones your already have on your existing valid license.

To confirm, the purchase is immediate, it does not kick in after you current legacy license expires. If you do not want to upgrade an addition 5 PCs I would hold off the purchase until your current license expires.


For lifetime license it’s the same?

Hello Katie,

Thank you very much for your quick and clear answer.
I wait until my current license expires and hope to get an offer for extension as good as the one offered for the moment.

When there is a special offer for the licenses, it may be token into consideration that the license could be extended at any time and that the last period is added to the previous one.

Hope this could be offered in the future.

Were they ever sold as a “lifetime” license? As far as I can find, they sold the licenses as a “One-Time Fee” purchase, not specifically a lifetime license. However, calling them that seems to have established itself to the point that in the recent post about legacy vs subscription licenses they were also referred to as “lifetime licenses”. So in that way they are quite generously honoring them.

What I take issue with is the “sitting on a specific computer” part, as long as I’ve used it, GlassWire allowed you to deactivate the license to reuse it on another PC, but maybe @domenico meant “sitting on one specific computer at a time” and was just worded in an ambiguous way. (You can still deactivate licenses in 3.0, the button moved into the settings menu)

For the record, I have been a big critic of the new version, especially for it’s “cloud” features, but I want to make sure we’re complaining about actual problems.

Yes, I’ve just checked my order confirmation email from 2017 and it says “Lifetime License”.


Same thing i been saying since starting this thread. IMO whatever new services/features added should be given to those who purchased LIFETIME licenses FREE of charge. Also, it should be choice if folks want their data store on cloud servers. Period!

Interesting… I have two order confirmations, one for GlassWire Basic from 2017, and one for Elite (during the v2 upgrade offer) from 2018, both via Cleverbridge. None of them contain the word “lifetime”.

To be clear: I am not trying to accuse you of making it up (there are many reason why we might’ve gotten different emails templates), I am just trying to figure out what the situation is.

@Thinking They sold them 2017 as Lifetime.

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Can you provide download links to these? After trying v3, and learning what it does, I decided to downgrade to v2. I couldn’t find the installer on the GlassWire site and had to get it from a (trustworthy) third-party. Adding links to the change log page would allow people to revert more easily.

last update to V2 can be downloaded here:


we will add this link to the changelog, many thanks for the suggestion


Ah thanks it’s more clear now


@Katie_GlassWire I’d still like to see this addressed, please. Having an Elite license and having features REMOVED is a pretty big red flag and bug.

Hi @Tarun,

No features have been removed for any license, features have only been added. The columns “Traffic In” and “Traffic Out” are new columns which belong to the new Anomaly Detection feature. This feature gives insight on the average traffic consumption in and out of the particular app, the feature will show a warning if the traffic in or out is significantly higher than the average. The feature can only function if it is linked to the cloud.

You can still see In and Out traffic via the columns with the down and up arrow, respectively, as shown in the screenshot below.

Please let me know if there is still any confusion.


Ah! It was misleading because of where they were placed in the columns. Based on your screenshot I see they’re far off to the right now. I apologize for my mistake.

In this case, I retract my previous statement.

I’d like to recommend a new suggestion for this. Allow us to rearrange the columns to better match our preferences. I used that all the time and now that it’s off the screen it’s more of a hindrance. I am aware that I can hide the columns, however if I unlock all features with my Elite license, I’d like to have my most used information ready at a glace. For this very reason, I have not upgraded the other computers on my network.

Often I have referenced Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro on this forum. It was my last firewall and truly top tier. If they had not been acquired by Yandex and shut down I would still be using it. It truly was the best firewall available for so very long. GlassWire is doing a good job. Like others, I’m concerned about the future of the product - especially after an acquisition like this.

With that said, please trust what your userbase expresses their concerns to you about. They are passionate about these products and for good reason. We want to see things thrive and flourish, to continue to excel and bring in a larger user base.

Many of us have been here since the start, myself included. It’s similar for me with Malwarebytes. Marcin and I used to talk on MSN Messenger when he first started to develop Malwarebytes. I was made an Expert on their team, an Ambassador for their products, After the first version came out, I wrote a comprehensive critique with suggestions and recommendations. Including information that techs would love to see documented into logs, minor tweaks and changes. Things like ISO-8601 - the YYYY-MM-DD format for dates to reduce confusion of what is commonly used in the US (MM-DD-YYYY) versus the UK (DD-MM-YYYY). I was thrilled with the positive feedback I got from staff and members alike. But when he came in and commented that he would see to it that everything I recommended would be added, it was excellent. Because I cared for the product he worked so hard to develop and put out there to help users.

The same concept applies here. You’re hearing so many of us speak out because we care about the product and it’s direction. Right now, all eyes are on the new company and GlassWire’s new direction. We care. We’ve invested time and effort into the forums, and the product over the years. Make it amazing, while still showing respect for the origins. Word of mouth is the best advertisement you can possibly get. Happy users will pipe up when someone asks about what product to go for. Even in my own software, the Anti-Malware Toolkit; I have GlassWire as a recommended product. Because it truly is a top-notch software. So in closing… keep fighting the good fight and know that those of us who are passionate about this project will continue to be your allies; we are simply being reserved and cautious.

Hi @Tarun

You are able to rearrange the columns. You can do this by clicking on the column header and dragging the column to a preferred position.

Thanks four your continued support and feedback over the years, we do appreciate it greatly!

In case you haven’t seen, I have released a new post about the future road map of features we are developing for 2023, you can check it out here > 2023 v3 roadmap


Here is info from my 2017 purchase of my Glasswire Elite Lifetime License -

Details & Requirements
• All minor updates and major upgrades included
• Use with up to 10 PCs
• unlimited history
• unlimited remote connections

My “free trial” of V3 has expired, yet the About page of my installed version is still labeled Free.
Some of the messages in this thread are less than clear. Do I still have the functionality promised at my purchase - including free major upgrades (e.g. to V3)?

Hi @techster,

Yes, you do have all the functionality.

If your installed version is labeled “Free” then you will need to re-enter your Elite legacy license code. You can do this by clicking the “Upgrade” button and selecting “Upgrade GlassWire by license activation code” from the pop up window.


Yeah, I don’t see anything wrong with V2 and from some of the comments, it might be better in some ways. Wonder if it will cease to work eventually … or since it’s not going to be updated, it ceases to work effectively?

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