V3 Update Licence

Is V3 a free update for V1 Licence holders? What about the endpoint portal, does this come free for V1 Holders?

Edit… Not much info at all on the website kinda vague tbh. V3 does NOT have a deactivation button? All i see is a buy button and when i log onto the portal im presented with a 7day trial?
@Ken_Glasswire can you put some light on this please?

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I also want to know. I have a Lifetime Elite licence (bought when the software was still on version 1), which worked fine for version 2. I want confirmation that it will also work fine for version 3, before installing the latest version.

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I also have a elite license…
upgraded 2.x → 3.x and it still shows as “elite” and i can still set “ask to connect”
(activation status stayed after the upgrade)

there is though no way within the interface to actually activate if doing a clean install
(I haven’t as yet signed up for the account / management features) Maybe it will be within there

well after registering and signing in, it says its “legacy-elite” and that the trial will end in 3 days

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So it would seem that the new owners of GlassWire are not keen on honouring the lifetime licence that was originally sold to the early adopters.


Message to Katie_GlassWire
Yes i to would like to know what harkonnen is asking. If our lifetime license we have going forward, will still be honored by the GW team. If not, then i will have to re-think, and look at my options. I know a lot of others will be very disappointed if this is not the case.
Katie please advise. Thank you from a loyal GW user from way back.

I hope im not jumping the gun here but im going to hit on an email conversation we had back in 2017.

ME: From what I can see on your website there is a yearly charge. So you may have offered me V2 free but for a year right? And when V3 comes about what then?

YOU: For 3.0 it won’t expire for you either.

This is a very small part of the conversation, the rest sure backs up the above’s statement.

Like i said in my opening i really do hope i haven’t jumped the gun here. Your silence does not help neither.

P.S Putting aside the BS… V3 looks and feels really good (great job) but if i have to pay… V2 will become a permanent install. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Now i get why @Ken_Glasswire has not answered to this post. He has left. So can @Katie_GlassWire Chime in on this please.

This looks like they are going to give access to V1 License holders to V3 free and then charge us for access to the Portal. I can deal with this if that’s the case as personally i have security/privacy concerns with this portal so i wont be using it.

Actually now thinking about this if this is the case we (as lifetime license holders) should have access to everything as promised even if we dont want to use it. This is going to be an interesting topic to follow these coming days.

Installed (clean install) the new/current version 3. GW message appeared to sign-up/sign-in into your account or use a license key. Clicked the license key option and entered an Elite lifetime key. Activation successful.

Settings - Account - to deactivate the device/license.

Haven’t created an account yet.

Im aware of this now but this doesn’t answer what’s going to happen with the portal as this says we only have a 7day sub. Hence the name “Legacy Pro/Elite” which in my interpretation looks like some features we will have to pay for.

Did you remove your license before running the clean install?

GW was not installed on the system. Fresh GW install here. After activating with a key, another GW message appeared to sign-in into your account to get apps score.

OK that explains alot… Be aware once you sign into the account via the app you cant sign out or at least there isn’t a sign out option.

I don’t have an account. I may create one once more info is available and if the account is useful.

Hi Ferdinand,

V3, along with all previous versions of GlassWire has both a free version and a paid version. The Management Console (portal) is a necessary feature which both free and paying customers have access to.

Please rest assured that users who have legacy paid license codes, Basic, Pro and Elite, are still able to activate these codes to endpoints from within the endpoint app itself.

To create a more user friendly and flexible system, in V3 we have stepped away from these old activation codes and have implemented Plans. Therefore, new users can choose a plan with the number of Premium (paid) endpoints they desire. Equally, users with codes can choose to stop the renewal of their legacy license codes (Basic, Pro and Elite) and switch to one of the new Plans if they so wish to. Plans can be purchased directly within the Management Console via Stripe and Premium subscriptions can be assigned to endpoints directly via the Management Console.

The 7 day free trial that you see is in relation to the Plans, not the Management Console itself. We made the decision to allow all users, new and existing, to have a 7 day free trial of the Plans. So you are able to choose any of the plans and trial it for 7 days.

e.g. Alongside your current legacy Elite licenses, you are able to trial the Family Plan (5 x Premium endpoints) for 7 days. Allowing you to try the new system and also activate 5 additional endpoints on the paid version for 7 days.

With regards to Sign out, this is all now managed from within the Management Console. If you wish to sign out of a particular endpoint you will need to unassociate it with your account. You do this by going to Endpoints > 3 dot menu > delete endpoint. The endpoint will then be signed out.

Please let me know if I can answer any further questions.



This is what they promised

GlassWire Elite

One time fee. Unlimited graph history, unlimited remote connections, ask to connect mode, lock down mode, a mini graph, network device detection, webcam/mic detection, new skins, and more!

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Your Elite code, along with all other legacy codes, is still valid on V3.



Personally i dont like the way this is moving. Seems to me all the new features will go to paying customers and the legacy license holders will loose out unless we as you put it “Switch to a new plan” paying one at that. I need to look at my options now. In the mean time can you please get rid of the annoying NAG that reminds user to sign into an account?

Hi Ferdinand,

I think you have misunderstood. As a paying user you have access to all the new features.

We only have two types of user types, those who do not pay (free users) and those who pay (whether they have a legacy license or one of the new plans).

To confirm, the feature set for all paying users, legacy license holders and those on a new Plan, have the exact same feature set.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can clear up.



Some of us have Lifetime Elite like myself so will they continue to be Lifetime for all versions including v3 and please be clear!

To bad that Ken isn’t with Glasswire anymore…


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Hi TripleHelix,