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Let me try once again to clarify. From 2015 to 2017 Glasswire sold its software as a one off license. A one off license is by definition not a subscription. It’s a license to use a very specific version of a software that is sitting on a specific computer. Once you buy that one off license you have the right to use THAT software in perpetuity on your machine. Normally in software land, and since the beginning of time of software sales, as software evolves, maintenance contracts are sold along with one-off software sales which entitle the user to updates. Alternatively, and more commonly for consumers products, users are asked to buy a new more evolved product if they wish to do so (remember Microsoft Word for window version 1 in 1989? And then Microsoft Word for windows version 2 came in 1991 and so on).

As the Glasswire product was still in its infancy during that early 2015-17 period, and out of sympathy to all our early adopters, we decided at the time to push software updates free of charge to people who had bought the one-off license, even though the company was not legally obliged to do so under the terms of its licensing agreement.

In 2018 Glasswire moved to a subscription model. Let me highlight that this was a good thing because none of you would have enjoyed Glasswire for the past 5 years if that didn’t happen – the subscription model put the company on a sustainable path allowing it to keep development going.

Under the subscription model introduced in 2018, users can buy a 1yr subscription which entitles them to any updates during the subscription time. Again, as a gesture of goodwill to its early adopters, Glasswire offered to previous users who had purchased one off licenses to continue offering upgrades for free. This is regardless whether you had a V1 or a V2.

Fast forward the clock to today. We just launched V3. We are still on the same subscription model we introduced in 2018.We just changed the licensing engine behind the subscriptions because license codes are a thing of the 90s and nobody uses them anymore and for good reasons. We moved to the 21st century and, for NEW clients, we now check the validity of their subscription license via user authentication on the cloud. To allow existing paying subcribers (ie. anybody who purchased a subscription license from 2018 till last week) to continue using the product which they subscribed to and paid for, we still let them use in V3 their license code to authenticate each endpoint, effectively bypassing cloud authentication.

As far as our early adopters from 2015 till 2017 who paid for a one-off license are concerned, we are still to this date offering them the possibility of upgrading to the newly released V3 free of charge. For the avoidance of doubt, this is an optional upgrade, we are neither forcing you nor are we asking you for any more money for it. If you like what we are developing please come and join us for the ride which you get for free as a thankyou for being an early adopter. If for whatever reason you don’t like it or the new V3 feature don’t suit your personal situation, please don’t upgrade. You are absolutely free to continue using in perpetuity V0, V1, V2 and/or any upgrades that have been published in between up to last Friday.


@KrGame the free trial is there if you want to add more endpoints in excess of the allowance you have from your Elite license. Any V3 version activated using an Elite code will continue working irrespective of end of trial.

your still missing my point. I was told (we was told) we’d get everything for a onetime purchase of a lifetime license. Now the so called extras come with fees.

Pointless going round in circles here i know what i was sold and i know what im now being told. For me the safest thing to do is to stop using your software. Goodluck!

So folks decide to stick with V2… There becomes a compatibility problem with windows (happens with many software’s) are you at that point going to fix what ever problems/bugs MAY arise?

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I’m an Elite lifetime user, what am I missing?
After reading everything Katie and domenico wrote it seems we can use every new feature available

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I personally am intentionally missing out on the cloud stuff as I want my connection log to stay on my device only. Hopefully this will become optional in future 3.0 versions.
Besides my personal concerns, they way it is described by SecureMix employees, you get all the features, at least as an Elite user, some people just got outraged before fully looking into the situation.

You are wrong about this, with regards to the lifetime GlassWire licence that was sold. You’re conflating “perpetual licence” with “lifetime licence”. A perpetual licence for a specific software version works in the way you described.

The GlassWire lifetime licence that was sold wasn’t only for the specific version called “GlassWire Version 1”. It was a lifetime licence for “GlassWire”, i.e. to receive all new versions for life.

If this boggles your mind as something that sounds impossible, you should know that there are several other software applications where the developers have indeed honoured a “lifetime” licence and have continued providing major new versions year after year, for the lifetime licence holders. I have several of these, but here are just a couple of examples: XYplorer, and DisplayFusion.

So the situation isn’t how you’re now portraying it, where you’re making it sound like it was a great gesture of generosity that v2 was provided to the original lifetime licence holders, and then an even greater act of charity/kindness that you’re allowing v3 to be used as well.


:clap: :clap: :clap: Couldn’t have put this any better.

I use 3.0 (now 3.0.474) already for a certain amount of time.
For the moment, I still have a valid license for 325 days (until Oct 8,2023).

When I buy an extra 5 licence pack (offered for €60 (50% reduction of €120),
will this extra year be added to the current license and be valid until Oct 8, 2024 ???

I have to get some confirmation from you, so I am not paying 2x for an overlapping period !!
Probably, other users have the same problem/question before they want to extend their license.

Hope soon to get some positive news about this important matter.

Hi robbe58,

Thanks for your question. The 5 pack at $60 you are referring to is the “Family Plan” which is $60 for 5 Premium endpoints. If you were to purchase this, you would be able to upgrade 5 PCs in addition to the ones your already have on your existing valid license.

To confirm, the purchase is immediate, it does not kick in after you current legacy license expires. If you do not want to upgrade an addition 5 PCs I would hold off the purchase until your current license expires.


For lifetime license it’s the same?

Hello Katie,

Thank you very much for your quick and clear answer.
I wait until my current license expires and hope to get an offer for extension as good as the one offered for the moment.

When there is a special offer for the licenses, it may be token into consideration that the license could be extended at any time and that the last period is added to the previous one.

Hope this could be offered in the future.

Were they ever sold as a “lifetime” license? As far as I can find, they sold the licenses as a “One-Time Fee” purchase, not specifically a lifetime license. However, calling them that seems to have established itself to the point that in the recent post about legacy vs subscription licenses they were also referred to as “lifetime licenses”. So in that way they are quite generously honoring them.

What I take issue with is the “sitting on a specific computer” part, as long as I’ve used it, GlassWire allowed you to deactivate the license to reuse it on another PC, but maybe @domenico meant “sitting on one specific computer at a time” and was just worded in an ambiguous way. (You can still deactivate licenses in 3.0, the button moved into the settings menu)

For the record, I have been a big critic of the new version, especially for it’s “cloud” features, but I want to make sure we’re complaining about actual problems.

Yes, I’ve just checked my order confirmation email from 2017 and it says “Lifetime License”.


Same thing i been saying since starting this thread. IMO whatever new services/features added should be given to those who purchased LIFETIME licenses FREE of charge. Also, it should be choice if folks want their data store on cloud servers. Period!

Interesting… I have two order confirmations, one for GlassWire Basic from 2017, and one for Elite (during the v2 upgrade offer) from 2018, both via Cleverbridge. None of them contain the word “lifetime”.

To be clear: I am not trying to accuse you of making it up (there are many reason why we might’ve gotten different emails templates), I am just trying to figure out what the situation is.

@Thinking They sold them 2017 as Lifetime.

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Can you provide download links to these? After trying v3, and learning what it does, I decided to downgrade to v2. I couldn’t find the installer on the GlassWire site and had to get it from a (trustworthy) third-party. Adding links to the change log page would allow people to revert more easily.

last update to V2 can be downloaded here:


we will add this link to the changelog, many thanks for the suggestion


Ah thanks it’s more clear now