V3 Update Licence

Hi Katie,
The installation over the old version went smoothly.
On the other hand, a popup window appears regularly to create an account… how to disable if you don’t want this option ?
It is no longer possible to sort the firewall entries alphabetically (which was previously possible by clicking on “Applications”) next to the search icon"). Entries remain in disarray.
In Win 11, clicking in the side scrollbar no longer advances the firewall application entries page by page (this is not the case in Win 8.1).
Thank you

Hi Katie.
One other detail to nail down: I have Elite Lifetime with ten installs allowed.
That will remain correct?
And when we are talking 10 installs, that means 10 active.

Also, most people will end up with two login/account configurations. A new one for the dashboard plus account administration going forward; and the forum login credentials for conversations like this one.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Katie,
I still don’t understand. I have an Elite license, what will happen after the 7 day free trial of the Management Consol ends? Will I need to purchase some of the premium plans to be able to use the management console? and what about the buy button in the menu? why is it there when I already have a paid plan?

Also, what will happen at the renewal time for my Elite license? will I be able to renew with the old system or will I have to purchase one of the new premium plans?

No idea how/if people with the key-based subscription will be able to renew but from my understanding, people with perpetual legacy licenses will be able to use all the new cloud features as if they had an active subscription. The trial shows up for all new accounts, in GlassWire, if you see “Premium” in the top left, you are using the new account-based license, if you see the old plan names (Elite, etc.), you’re using the old system.

Just did the update and already seeing that features we once had as Pro and Elite (unsure if free had this) users are suddenly locked behind this new subscription model? Excuse me but wtf?

As you can see in this image below…

  • Virus Total was pushed off to the side but is still there.
  • Traffic speeds (see below) for each program/app were shown in 2.4.x but now locked behind a paid plan in 3.0?! Even if this is not the actual case. I should not be required to connect to a service in order to see something that corresponds to my local network!

Now let’s talk about why the traffic change is not only a poor decision, but bad overall.

“Sign in to see the Average Apps Traffic consumption across GlassWire users.” Before this was showing actual, real-time local traffic speeds on your device to the network. Excellent for monitoring things to see what may be hogging bandwidth or behaving abnormally.

Now, you have to sign in to even look? And who cares if it shows what everyone’s average is…? I for one do not care what the average is for other users. Saying what the average is for the userbase… That’s not the point of a firewall monitoring network speeds. Perhaps in a separate column, but do not alter and change the existing behavior in order to push something for a pay-for-plan.


Guess we’ll see what else gets stripped and changed in one week from now.


Think i will be staying with ver2 for awhile, or even longer until all this gets sorted. I know for me i really don’t want to sign up for account, and also do not like to be prompted for one. I just want to enter my legacy license key and that’s it. I like to keep all my data local, and not on some server that could be hacked etc. Please GW Team can you fix these issues?

Thank you…


I downgraded back to 2.3.449.0, fortunately it looks like the database is still compatible, at least I didn’t run into any issues so far. The locking features behind the account and the privacy concerns (I made a thread about it) leave a weird taste.

Hey SecureMix, what happened to this?

I didn’t highlight that by the way, that was part of the page!


Seems that SecureMix is following the money and moving to the subscription model - Legacy lifetime licenses be damned.

Most of us will have to decide if the product still provides value. I had it running on 7 systems at home. The main thing I used it for was tracking bandwidth use, particularly on the kids computers.

I never used the firewall, because I had malwarebytes firewall control - which, unlike glasswire, allowed you to block apps from the context menu

At a cost of over 100usd a year [more than 5 devices], the price far outstrips any value I get from it. I will simply switch to the free version [in any event the v2 elite license activation kept failing on the devices 90% of the time] or move to another product.

It was great while it lasted i guess

Also, a word of advice, I think i have observed that Glasswire is messing with firewall rules. on two different pcs where I installed glasswire 3.0, my firewall rules [Malwarebytes firewall] went from medium filtering [green checkmark] to low filtering [orange checkmark]

The implication is that glasswire may by design be resetting your firewall filters to a less secure level

Legacy lifetime licenses be damned.

As @Katie_GlassWire said “We only have two types of user types, those who do not pay (free users) and those who pay (whether they have a legacy license or one of the new plans).”

A legacy license is functionally the same as an active subscription.

The implication is that glasswire may by design be resetting your firewall filters to a less secure level

It certainly does that, GlassWire entirely disables an important part of Windows’s inbound firewall filtering for svchost.exe, which, among other things, runs the remote desktop server: Security Concern: GlassWire Essentially Disables the Inbound Firewall

In the days of IPv6, we can no longer rely on routers blocking inbound traffic by default. For this reason I am only using GlassWire for monitoring for the time being.

Edit: Is the Malwarebytes firewall also a frontend for the Windows firewall? You can entirely disable the GlassWire firewall (at least on version 2) in the top left of the Firewall tab, however this should already be the default and it shouldn’t touch the Windows firewall (and thus Malwarebytes?) in that case.

Im thinking this is a glasswire plan to drop life-timers and force us to a paying system. @Thinking @ybabata @Tarun all touch on VALID points. The fact that Ken has Left, pushed, or sacked (without a goodbye) really suggest to me things were taking a change that he didn’t agree with.

The portal for me leaves me baffled, maybe good from a business network but for the average user??? The 2FA system has been stripped down comes with no backup codes suggesting network staff can easy reset and even access sensitive data @Thinking nails it in his/her post. For me, this portal is a hacker’s paradise and i don’t believe G’wire could ever convince me their servers are stronger than ironman.

Back to V2 for me and time to look for an alternative, i may even return to the good old windows firewall. TBH i’d rather M’S have my data than Glasswire, better the devil you know right!


I assume this snapshot is from V2 and the statement is still valid if you run V2 of the software. The privacy policy has been updated in V3 in order to be able to offer users a centralized overview of their endpoints (the management console) and to enable more features on the newer version of the application. As you correctly stated, you can downgrade to V2 and keep on using the previous version.

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Can someone from Glassware kindly explain their relationship with “Domotz Europe Limited”?

The more i dig the more questions i find than answers. As a paid proprietary License holder “i’m freaking worried”.

@Ferdinand Securemix has never processed itw own sales of Glasswire licenses as it never had the accounting capabilities to do so. The company has been selling license codes for the past five years via Cleverbridge until now, a payment solution provider. As of last monday the billing system has been moved to Domotz Europe Limited under a software reseller agreement, just like the one that existed with Cleverbridge. I understand you have paid for a lifetime license of the V2 product. That product is unchanged and unaffected by any of these changes, it is exactly the same product which you have been using since you bought the license. As a lifetime holder, has Katie has explained, you have the choice to upgrade to the new V3 version if you like / want the features that it offers. Or you can stay on the V2 version. The choice is entirely yours. If anything is worrying you or if you are not interested in the additional features, you should stay on the V2 version you have paid for. The company is just trying to offer you a choice, not forcing you to do anything.


@PerimeterPatrol The forum is on a different / independent system than user accounts for the management console. So it is correct, for the time being at least, that you do need two different IDs. We’ll see how we can make this more seamless eventually.

@Belga We’ll raise a support ticket for the firewall entries, it sounds like a bug. As per the pop up login window, an account is a requirement for all new licenses of V3. As this is a change from previous behaviour, we have allowed existing paying license holder to still access V3 without making an account but for the time being you still get a pop up. We will look at removing the reminder (to existing legacy license holderrs) in future releases.

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Thanks for the answer Domenico.
FYI, see this topic : https://www.ghacks.net/2022/11/15/glasswire-3-0-anomaly-detection-and-glasswire-score-features-launch/

Read this:

ME: From what I can see on your website there is a yearly charge. So you may have offered me V2 free but for a year right? And when V3 comes about what then?

YOU: For 3.0 it won’t expire for you either.

completely different from what you are saying. I paid for a lifetime license and now you are telling me if i want the features of V3 i need to upgrade… Would you like to see all my emails with Glasswire regards this?

I personally this you should refund those who dont want to use your software because you cheated us.

Hi Ferdinand,

I have written this article which will help you understand what you have access to depending on your license. Premium Subscription vs Legacy License


You might want to add a line about the V1 perpetual licenses, from my understanding, in the context of the chart, they are essentially indefinitely valid legacy licenses?

Edit 2: I missed the text at the very bottom:

The tables remain true for those lucky few who purchased a lifetime license during past promotions.

Also, am I misremembering or were the yearly subscription “Elite” licenses limited to 5 PCs, rather than 10 on the perpetual licenses? According to the chart all “Elite” licenses are now for 10 PCs? Edit: Never mind, I must’ve gotten something mixed up, archived site confirms “Elite” subscription was also for 10 PCs.


I have a perpetual Elite licences (Paid one time), I have created an account for the Glasswire management console and it’s say I have a trial of 7 days on the console.

I don’t understand, when the trial will end I will be on a free version ? Or It’s an error ?

I thought it was perpetual also on the management console @Katie_GlassWire ?