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I have a question about the GlassWire versions. First to let you know, I installed GlassWire as part of 360 Total Security package (the FREE version). I installed it back in August. Today I get a notice that an update was available. The current version was 1.0.63b, and the update it installed was 1.0.67. But when I look at the download available on the website, it’s a much later date (1.1.32). Furthermore when I look at the “Change List”, it doesn’t even list the versions I have.

So what’s the deal? Are there different versions that go with the 360 Total Security vs the independent download? Can I safely install the later version from the website without causing any issues? But if I do, will it give me any additional features that would make the updating worthwhile?


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Interesting. I just installed and the version downloaded shows 1.1.32. But I noticed that other posts have referred to different versions like 1.0.xx or 1.xx. So far I haven’t seen anything that says that there is a change in version or numbering scheme (though, unlike the OP, it hasn’t been important enough to search for yet). Something like and announcement or permanent post showing a change in version or numbering scheme with a date available could be very helpful.


Our change list is here

It’s true, we don’t distribute the 360 Total Security version of GlassWIre from our own website so it has different version numbers. The 360 Total Security versions have some features that work better with 360 Total Security so the software is not exactly identical to the software we distribute from If you use 360 Total Security it’s probably best to stick to their version of GlassWire.

Ok, great – thanks for the change list link. That doesn’t appear anywhere on your website that I can find. Is there anything else I’m missing out on. BTW, you may want to put a link to your Change List in the Announcements section.

Edit: another btw – are there version.release differences between the 360 Total Security version and your website version? I don’t have 360 Total Security.

It is linked from our download page here on the bottom right of the “Download” button.

The 360 Total Security version has some changes that make it work better with their software, like making sure GlassWire won’t accidentally block their connections and vice versa.

Ah – I see. Can I recommend a bigger link-- even a separate line? Also here on the Annoucement page as I said. I totally missed that link (obviously) and I see why.

Ok, Ken – now I see the problem. On the Downloads page specifically the Change Lilst link appears. But on your home page and other places that have a Download button, the link does not appear. I downloaded from one of these other locations and never had the chance to see the Change List.

And related, I never saw the request to be added to the email list either. I found both of these essentially by “accident” – through exchanges with you.

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We will try to improve this with our new 2.0 website, thanks for your feedback.