Suggestion: Announcements

I referenced a need for announcing changes in another thread ( Version discrepancy ), but have since found the Announcements (yes, I’m a newbie). Unfortunately, the Announcements have only helped a little. First of all, the very first item is pinned and says that a much earlier release than I already have installed has been released. Then farther down, I do see announcements of releases, but there still is no mention of the release that I have.

Users often confuse terminology about software releases. Traditionally (yeah I know I’m exposing my mainframe history), development teams refer to version.release.modification (x.y.z). Version is like a “start-over” or re-write. release is a significant change (including new function) that everyone should install, modification is an adjustment or bug fixes. Then some might add a,b,c,etc. Using this standard helps everyone understand just what level of software they have. You can decide if you want to announce only at the release level or every mod (you seem to have done both or none :<). I think it would be good if you pinned a definition of your x.y.z structure at the top of Announcements.

Also, when I first installed Glasswire 2 days ago, I checked About and thought I saw version 1.1.32. Last night, I re-installed and About says 1.1.32b. Just curious, no complaint or issue


Hello Rich,

Have you seen this change list? It may have the information you are seeking. Since we have the change list I don’t always announce new versions here, unless it’s a major update.

Right now we’re working on our 2.0 software. If you join our email list we’ll probably send out an alpha to those people first. Thanks!

Thanks, again. Saw your reply in the “version” thread.

I’d like to get on your email list. Would be glad to help out with any “testing” that I can. Glasswire definitely comes under the category of “cool software”. Even my wife who is non-tech was caught last night running through your interface. :grin:

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