Virus Total stopped working

Will the VT update fix be pushed out to the GlassWire 2.x version?

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It has taken rather a long time to restore this security feature. Echoing zzz00m, I’m hoping the fix will be backported to v2.x.

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Hi Everyone,
even with the new version of GW 3.3.495 the VirusTotal Check is not working. Do I have to purchase a license for this feature now???

I have got the same issue,after seeing the analysis failed message even after uploading the scanned file to virus total ,.and getting a negative result in regard to it being malicious. i figured that Glasswire got a recognition problem. disabling and reenableing the whole firewall through the tray icon solved the issue,.its a interface update issue it seems,.a visual glitch so to speak.
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I’ve been having this issue for a while now, so now I used the VirusTotalUploader tool listed on VirusTotal’s website

Hi All,

Again thank you for your patience as we work with Virus Total regarding this issue.

While we wait for the team at VT to cooperate, we are rebuilding the feature to allow users to integrate their personal API key. The feature is being built with highest priority and will be included in our next launch which is due next week.


@Katie_GlassWire You can use another scanner like Jotti if VT won’t cooperate with you.

I’m using Process Explorer right now from Microsoft.
They have VirusTotal also included and its working.

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VirusTotal is still working. But whatever GlassWire is using to interact with VirusTotal is not working yet…

The responses from Katie above indicate that they are working to resolve this issue.

It seem to have fixed, VT is working on Glasswire now (Version 3.3.495)

Update: Not anymore, it seems like API is hitting its limit or something.
Worked for few then stopped working.

30 days and still not fixed. Surely you have the Premium API which has an SLA with guaranteed availability. Use of the Public API is not permitted in commercial products.

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Hi all,

As mentioned, we are building a fix for this with the highest priority. We are a very small team so I appreciate your patience. The feature is going through testing and should be ready to be released this week.



Thank you, Katie, for keeping us informed of developments.

Hi All,

GlassWire 3.3.498 is now available for download with the update VirusTotal feature.

Download the latest version here: Download Firewall Software by GlassWire

Read more about why we have changed the feature, and how to integrate your personal API key here: VirusTotal Update