VirusTotal Update

As many of you may have noticed, our VirusTotal integration has been faltering of late. In this post, we would like to provide you with an update and background on this matter, explain how you can get around the problems you have been experiencing, and continue benefiting from the integration going forward.

VirusTotal has recently changed the terms of its licensing agreement for using their API within GlassWire which has effectively broken the integration as it had been implemented up to version 3.3.495 of GlassWire.

In order to continue using the integration you will now need to obtain your own Personal API key directly from VirusTotal and link it to your GlassWire application. You can do so thanks to new functionality we have introduced from version 3.3.498. The new integration involves some small initial manual setup (only a couple of minutes) which is explained below.

Personal API keys are free of charge for up to 500 queries per day and are issued directly from VirusTotal. Once generated, this API key can be added across multiple endpoints (up to a maximum of 500 calls per day). Once an API key has been linked to your GlassWire app, it will remain linked even after upgrading to new versions of GlassWire. If you need more than 500 queries per day, you can purchase more capacity from VirusTotal directly.

We are actively looking at alternative solutions to provide this functionality to you within GlassWire without the 500/day queries limitation at no extra cost to your subscription. We’ll keep you posted on any progress.

Download the latest version of GlassWire!

Below are the steps to create a personal VirusTotal API key and integrate it to GlassWire v 3.3.498:

  1. First, register an account with VirusTotal: VirusTotal
  2. Upon registration you will receive an email from VirusTotal. Follow the instructions in the email to complete the registration process.
  3. Sign into your VirusTotal account: VirusTotal
  4. Select the account logo on the top right corner and select API key (as shown below).

  1. Here you will find your personal API key. Select the copy icon (as shown below).
  2. Open GlassWire and navigate to Settings > VirusTotal.
  3. Select Add VirusTotal API Key and paste the code into the required field. Click OK.

  1. Your API key is now linked! You can now analyze VirusTotal files from the Security tab.