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Heya everyone! Stars are shining brighter tonight!
Lets discuss about the GlassWire features you would like to have in the future.

Hello Ayadami,

Thanks for joining the forum. What’s your favorite GlassWire feature?

My favorite GW feature is ARP spoofing detection. I would like to know whether someone is trying to do a Man-in-the-middle attack on my network. I don’t like eyes watching my data. Also its good to see the full path of the applications when I click on any application icon. I can see whether Internet Explorer is my real browsers exe file or whether its a malware acting like Internet Explorer and try to cheat me. I also liked virus scan feature where my current anti-virus software can check the files which use my network connection. Threats are everywhere and we must be carefull!

So far my favorite feature is how it shows your idle time on the graph. It’s great to go back in time and make sure there wasn’t any unusual network activity while I wasn’t at my computer.

Thanks for the support and please let your friends know about us!

I love checking out what apps access my internet and how much bandwidth it uses. Just to make sure no suspicious stuff is connecting without me knowing.

On a side note, may I suggest a feature? Since I like the graph feature so much, is it possible to create a desk band which shows the said graph, so that at a glance, we can see how much bandwidth is being used. Maybe even possible to toggle between different modes by clicking it, where another mode shows the top apps that are currently using your bandwidth.

When you say deskband do you mean a small desktop graph that appears so you don’t have to open the entire application? If so we’re working on that already.

Thanks for your feedback!

You got it. That’s exactly what I meant, although when I mentioned desk band, it refers to a mini app that docks in the windows task bar to show information, but if its the kind that floats on your desktop, that’s awesome too. A good example would be the program Networx where you can see in the screenshots, there’s a graph on the Windows Taskbar.

Sorry for mentioning a rival product on this forum, but I couldn’t think of a good way to show what I meant.

Thanks for all the work you’re doing on this, so far it’s exactly what I’ve been searching for all this while

I’ll check it out, thank you.

Hi guys,

Great work on Glasswire! I’ve been waiting for something like this in Windows for a very, very long time. I’d love it if there was an option for each alert to ask you if you’d like to allow or block a specific communication along these lines:

  • by port
  • by remote hostname
  • by remote domain
  • by remote IP (especially if hostnames and domains cannot be resolved).
  • a toggle for any combination of the above (i.e. allow or deny all traffic).

Ideally this feature would have a further option to block all unconfigured traffic by default if the alert is unanswered or if the system has fallen idle.

I guess this would mean that the Firewall tab may also have to be beefed up, showing for example a set of rules for each application. Finally Glasswire would need a facility to tag conflicting or redundant rules, i.e. blocking a specific port in one alert while allowing full access in another alert.



You seem to think like we do. We’re working on a lot of this stuff.

Thank you!