What Password Manager do you use? (2020)

I’ve updated the poll from 2019 into one large poll with 75 options. There appears to be no accurate global market share statistics so I’ve included all the password managers I could find with a website or app store listing. There will be some I have missed so mention them in a post below.

Neither myself or GlassWire is promoting any of these password managers and I have not tested any of them.

You can select up to five which allows for home and work use and working on multiple platforms.

The 2019 poll is Which Password Manager do you use? (2019)

  • None - I don’t use a password manager
  • 1Password (AgileBits)
  • 1U
  • Access Manager
  • AgileBits 1Password
  • Avast Passwords
  • Avira
  • Bitwarden
  • Buttercup
  • Clipperz
  • DashLane
  • Data Vault
  • Devolutions Password Hub
  • Efficient
  • Enpass
  • EveryKey
  • F-Secure Key
  • Firefox / Lockwise
  • Gnome Keyring
  • Google Passwords
  • Hypervault
  • iCloud Keychain / Safari (Apple)
  • Intuitive Password
  • IOLO ByePass
  • Kaspersky
  • Keepass
  • Keepassium
  • KeepassX
  • KeepassXC
  • Keeper
  • KeeWeb
  • KeyWallet
  • KWallet
  • LastPass
  • LessPass
  • LoginCode
  • LogMeOnce
  • Master Password
  • McAfee LiveSafe
  • McAfee True Key
  • Meldium
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mirek’s PINS
  • Mitto
  • mSecure
  • Myki
  • Norton (prev. Identity Safe)
  • OneLogin
  • Pass
  • Passwordcockpit
  • Passbolt
  • Passpack
  • Password
  • Password Boss
  • Password Safe
  • Pleasant Password Server
  • Psono
  • RealDefense MyPassLock
  • Roboform
  • S10 Password Vault
  • SafeInCloud
  • Seahorse
  • Securden
  • Solarwinds Passportal
  • SplashID
  • Sticky Password
  • TeamsID
  • Thycotic Secret Server
  • True Key (McAfee)
  • TweakPass
  • Universal Password Manager (UPM)
  • UsePass
  • Yojimbo
  • Zoho Vault
  • Other - add it in a reply to this topic

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Here is the list of password managers that I used I created to support this poll. You are welcome to update this list if you have better info and have a high enough trust level in this forum.

Table of password managers



  • Android
  • iOS/iPadOS
  • Hardware required e.g. USB encryption device
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Unix-like
  • Windows
  • Browser = web browser-based primarily local storage with cloud syncing
  • Cloud = primarily cloud-storage accessed through a web browser

Open = Open source

Free = Free version, not trialware, is available but some are very limited

Password Manager Platform Open Free
1Password (AgileBits) A i m W N N
1U Browser N Y
Access Manager W N Y
Avast Passwords A i m W N Y
Avira A i Browser
Bitwarden A i L m W Y Y
Buttercup A i L m W Y Y
Clipperz Browser Cloud Y Y
DashLane A i m W N Y
Data Vault i N N
Devolutions Password Hub Cloud N N
Efficient A i W
Enpass A i L m W N Y
EveryKey A H i L m W Browser N N
F-Secure Key A i m W Cloud N N
Firefox Lockwise Browser Y Y
Gnome Keyring U Y Y
Google Passwords / Chrome Browser N Y
Hypervault Cloud N N
iCloud Keychain / Safari i m Browser N Y
Intuitive Password A i m W N N
IOLO ByePass A i W Browser N Y
Kaspersky W N Y
Keepass A i m L W Y Y
Keepassium i N Y
KeepassX L m W Y Y
KeepassXC L m W Y Y
Keeper A i K L m W Y Y
KeeWeb m L W Cloud Y Y
KeyWallet W N Y
KWallet U Y Y
LastPass Cloud N Y
LessPass Cloud Y Y
LoginCode W N Y
LogMeOnce Cloud N N
Master Password A i m Browser Y Y
McAfee LiveSafe A i m W N N
McAfee True Key A i m W Browser Cloud N Y
Meldium Cloud N N
Mirek’s PINS W N Y
Mitto Browser N Y
mSecure i m M Y
Myki A i m W N N
Norton (prev. Identity Safe) Cloud N Y
Pass m U Y Y
Passwordcockpit Cloud Y Y
Passbolt Cloud Y Y
Passpack Cloud Y Y
Password Cloud Y N
Password Boss Cloud N N
Password Safe A i L m U W Y Y
Pleasant Password Server (incl. KeePass) A i m W N Y
Psono Cloud Y Y
RealDefense MyPassLock W N N
Roboform A i m W N Y
S10 Password Vault A i W N Y
SafeInCloud A i m W Cloud N Y
Seahorse U Y Y
Securden Cloud N N
Solarwinds Passportal Cloud N N
SplashID A i m W Cloud Y Y
Sticky Password A i m W Cloud Y Y
TeamsID A i m W Browser Y N
Thycotic Secret Server Cloud Y N
TweakPass Cloud N N
Universal Password Manager (UPM) A i m W Y Y
UsePass Browser Y Y
Yojimbo i m N N
Zoho Vault Cloud Y Y
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i use Norton’s password manager


“Norton (prev. Identity Safe)” is an option in the poll so you can vote for it.

To keep the option descriptions short, I haven’t included the category name of “Password Manager” in any product options. If I had then then that option would be “Norton Password Manager (prev. Identity Safe)”.


I was looking through for Norten, i must be blind. but that way i wouldn’t be able to look


FYI, I just realised that I omitted Opera which got 10% of the votes in 2019. I apologise to any Opera users.

also using Password Commander

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Thanks. I’ll include it next year.