Which Password Manager do you use? (2019)

I’ve updated the poll from 2017 to form two new polls because of the 20 option limitation in the polls.

  • There is an option for “None, I don’t use a password manager”.
  • The web browser password managers for Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc. are grouped together.
  • The password managers that are only used on Apple macOS and Unix are excluded.
  • Following the two polls there is a wiki table listing all the password managers I found.

The 2020 poll is What Password Manager do you use? (2020)

  • None, I don’t use a password manager
  • Web browser e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera
  • 1Password
  • 1U Password Manager
  • Bitwarden
  • Buttercup
  • DashLane
  • Enpass
  • Hypervault
  • Intuitive Password
  • Keepass
  • KeepassX
  • KeepassXC
  • Keeper
  • KeeWeb
  • LastPass
  • LessPass
  • LogMeOnce
  • Master Password
  • Meldium

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  • Mitto
  • Myki
  • Norton Password Manager (prev. Identity Safe)
  • Passwordcockpit
  • Passbolt
  • Passpack
  • Password
  • Password Boss
  • Password Safe
  • Pleasant Password Server
  • Psono
  • Roboform
  • SafeInCloud
  • SplashID
  • Sticky Password
  • TeamsID
  • Thycotic Secret Server
  • True Key (McAfee)
  • Universal Password Manager (UPM)
  • Zoho Vault

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You are welcome to update this list if you have better info.

Table of password managers



  • Android
  • iOS/iPadOS
  • Hardware required e.g. USB encryption device
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Unix-like
  • Windows
  • Browser = web browser-based primarily local storage with cloud syncing
  • Cloud = primarily cloud-storage accessed through a web browser

Open = Open source

Free = Free version, not trialware, is available but some are very limited

Password Manager Platform Open Free
1Password (AgileBits) A i m W N N
1U Browser N Y
Access Manager W N Y
Avast Passwords A i m W N Y
Avira A i Browser
Bitwarden A i L m W Y Y
Buttercup A i L m W Y Y
Clipperz Browser Cloud Y Y
DashLane A i m W N Y
Data Vault i N N
Devolutions Password Hub Cloud N N
Efficient A i W
Enpass A i L m W N Y
EveryKey A H i L m W Browser N N
F-Secure Key A i m W Cloud N N
Firefox Lockwise Browser Y Y
Gnome Keyring U Y Y
Google Passwords / Chrome Browser N Y
Hypervault Cloud N N
iCloud Keychain / Safari i m Browser N Y
Intuitive Password A i m W N N
IOLO ByePass A i W Browser N Y
Kaspersky W N Y
Keepass A i m L W Y Y
Keepassium i N Y
KeepassX L m W Y Y
KeepassXC L m W Y Y
Keeper A i K L m W Y Y
KeeWeb m L W Cloud Y Y
KeyWallet W N Y
KWallet U Y Y
LastPass Cloud N Y
LessPass Cloud Y Y
LoginCode W N Y
LogMeOnce Cloud N N
Master Password A i m Browser Y Y
McAfee LiveSafe A i m W N N
McAfee True Key A i m W Browser Cloud N Y
Meldium Cloud N N
Mirek’s PINS W N Y
Mitto Browser N Y
mSecure i m M Y
Myki A i m W N N
Norton (prev. Identity Safe) Cloud N Y
Pass m U Y Y
Passwordcockpit Cloud Y Y
Passbolt Cloud Y Y
Passpack Cloud Y Y
Password Cloud Y N
Password Boss Cloud N N
Password Safe A i L m U W Y Y
Pleasant Password Server (incl. KeePass) A i m W N Y
Psono Cloud Y Y
RealDefense MyPassLock W N N
Roboform A i m W N Y
S10 Password Vault A i W N Y
SafeInCloud A i m W Cloud N Y
Seahorse U Y Y
Securden Cloud N N
Solarwinds Passportal Cloud N N
SplashID A i m W Cloud Y Y
Sticky Password A i m W Cloud Y Y
TeamsID A i m W Browser Y N
Thycotic Secret Server Cloud Y N
TweakPass Cloud N N
Universal Password Manager (UPM) A i m W Y Y
UsePass Browser Y Y
Yojimbo i m N N
Zoho Vault Cloud Y Y

Might have been best to wait one more month and post this as a 2020 poll.


I did think of that but this way I get to improve it in a month or two.

Right now, I don’t have the time to organise the polls by market share or type of product e.g. standalone or multiuser (of various types).

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That’s a very good point!

I use more than 1 password manager, not only use the browsers password manager, I use Keepass. I like having full control over my passwords, Keepass allows me to store the database on my NAS and all my systems can access my NAS so 1 database controlled by ME!


Next poll will will allow voting for at least three options.

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Stickypassword (For now). Check their twitter handle. They seem to take privacy seriously, just like Glasswire, Mozilla. And they offer lifetime license too. That’s convenient. Since subscription based apps are becoming extremely costly and every software I use has a subscription. Antivirus, PDF, VPN, Office, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify and other extra softwares. Phew.


Nice to be a part of this poll.


I used LastPass Premium for 3+ years but grew frustrated at the UI/ UX design and confusing rabbit holes within their own support system, which often conflicted itself.

I’ve been much happier as a Dashlane Premium user (for more than a year now), but I’m inching toward seriously considering Bitwarden.


I have been using Safe-in-Cloud pro for as long as I can remember and I am utterly delighted. It is a onetime purchase and works woderfully.

It saves all our passwords on a clouddrive of our choice though. But then, it is just a matter of creating a space free account that we do not otherwise use and we are set for life. Costs about $8


Thanks for that. Please vote for SafeInCloud.

It is in the second poll - I had too many products to fit in one poll because of a 20 option limit.

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I dont think password manager is a useful thing.

Password managers are an important part of computer security in my opinion.

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Thanks for the response

TweakPass is a solid password manager tool provided by Systweak software. Tweakpass store your all the sensitive information and password at one place. Try this, it is really good app with 4.5 star rating.

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