Windows 10 BSOD while using Glasswire 2.3.317


I’ve received a BSOD yesterday when I rebooted my machine, I ran WhoCrashed which indicated the problem was caused by the following driver [gwdrv.sys]

I don’t think this BSOD is limited to this version as I have had a crash before and they always state gwdrv as the reason for the crash.

Any help, advice on how to prevent these crashes would be appreciated.


On Mon 17/05/2021 21:46:28 your computer crashed or a problem was reported
crash dump file: C:\windows\Minidump\051721-9187-01.dmp
uptime: 12:07:09
This was probably caused by the following module: [gwdrv.sys]
Bugcheck code: 0x139 (0x3, 0xFFFFF88C718FEED0, 0xFFFFF88C718FEE28, 0x0)
file path: C:\windows\system32\drivers\gwdrv.sys
product: [GlassWire]
company: [SecureMix LLC]
description: GlassWire Driver
Bug check description: The kernel has detected the corruption of a critical data structure.
A third party driver was identified as the probable root cause of this system error. It is suggested you look for an update for the following driver: gwdrv.sys (GlassWire Driver, SecureMix LLC).
Google query: [gwdrv.sys SecureMix LLC KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE]


Sorry for the issue.

Do you see a .dmp file on your desktop? If GlassWire causes a crash then Windows itself should generate a .dmp file with clues to why GlassWire crashed. We can then analyze the file and learn what happened.

Hi Ken,

My PC is configured to put dump files in the following locations:


Do you have a location I can upload the dump files?

Thanks, Martyn


This issue is usually caused by a database corruption. Unfortunately the fix would be to uninstall our app, reboot, then reinstall using the “clean install” option. This would lose your history/settings but it may solve the problem.

Also, please note we will have an update out this week and it may also solve your issue. I’ll announce the update here in our forum when it’s live.

Please email .dmp files to Contact GlassWire and use a third party cloud service to send it like Google Drive or Dropbox. I recommend waiting until our next update to do this though because it’s possible the update will solve your issue and it won’t be very useful for us to look at a .dmp file for an old version of GlassWire.

Was 2.3.317 a beta? I don’t see it listed here:

Hi, It was an email invite dated 13/05/2021 it wasn’t badged as a beta just try before it is fully released, I think I will uninstall this version and install 2.3.318,

Try GlassWire 2.3.317 first!

We’re preparing to release a major new update of GlassWire for Windows. GlassWire 2.3.317 has a completely new improved and redesigned “Things” list. Click “Things” to check it out and give us feedback.

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GlassWire 2.3.318 is now available.

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