Windows Meltdown/Spectre patch

Would it be safe to install the Windows Meltdown/Spectre patch while using Glasswire?

didn’t MS removed those KBs because issues they created on some systems?


I tested myself and found no problems installing the patches while running GlassWire 2.0. GlassWire uses the Windows Firewall API, so it’s unlikely to cause problems with Windows Updates, etc…

I’ll be removing the version I got from toolslib . net and upgrading to 2.0 and see how it goes.


The version on Toolslib should be OK. We upload that one ourselves.

I did start WLAN AutoConfig but the problem is NativeWiFi Filter and NDIS Usermode I/O Protocol.
Glasswire wont connect.


Could you try this beta? I think it does not have this dependency, but if it does our next update should not.

It has the same dependencies. For know I’m sticking with 1.2.121.


Our next update should be out early next week.