Wrong dns names, cnames?

Hello, often i see incorrect dns names in glasswire, eg Speech Runtime Executable is connecting to settings-win.data.microsoft.com but in glasswire it’s displayed settingsfd-geo.trafficmanager.net or edge connecting to api.msn.com but glasswire show a-0003.a-msedge.net or virustotaluploader 2.2 connect to www.virustotal.com but in glasswire it show ghs-svc-https-c46.ghs-ssl.googlehosted.com

why? it seems related to CNAMES, but it’s confusing and it make much harder to understand the connection destinations.
Also glasswire seems to pick a random CNAME, eg as described above in the case of edge connecting to api.msn.com, CNAMES are api-msn-com.a-0003.a-msedge.net, a-0003.a-msedge.net
but glasswire only show the 2nd one.

Don’t it would be better to show the first thing eg api.msn.com instead and maybe show the cnames in a tooltip when you hover the domain?

edit, i tried some other software:

it’s much easier to understand to what a program is connecting to

Edit, i found this topic; Hostnames seem wrong, the guy is right CDN name isn’t really helpful, it’s good to have but both should be displayed and with a preference to show the “real” name first instead of the cdn, it seems related to the fact that glasswire is just doing a reverse lookup to get the domain name? can’t it have a better feature to intercept the dns request or even better can it replace the dns system by his own DoH/DoT dns like that software on the screenshot is doing?


If you go to our top left menu and choose “About” what version of GlassWire are you using?

Also, if you go to our settings is this box checked or not?

I recommend having it unchecked (the default) to have the most accurate data.

https://www.glasswire.com/changes/ - Our latest update fixed this. Perhaps if you’re using it you have old data from a bug in a previous version.
“Fixed an issue where some DNS host names could be wrong in some situations.”