Can't connect to my Livingroom Computer

So, I’ve enabled Remote Access with correct password and my IP (Public IP and Local IP) and yes, I did Port Forward but it keeps won’t connecting to my Livingroom Computer. But that computer managed to connect MY main computer, but not Livingroom Computer. I’ve checked settings and seemed to be correct. What did I do wrong?

Hi Norge100
If you mean you can’t access your other computers with GlassWire’s remote monitoring feature?

See Kens reply as it might fix your problem. I know you have not upgraded GW but this might work

I updated the latest version and I still can’t connect to my PC

Hi Norge100

I have not used GW remote access.
You could take a look at this if it helps,

GlassWire Menu | Settings | Server | Remote Access

Personally i don’t use remote access to any of my PC’s, for security reasons. I prefer to physically go to each box and do what i need to do.
all the best…

I only use this for LAN, not WAN access; but I can see both PCs I’ve added.

Perhaps post what you see in your Settings > Server List?