Glasswire blocks Linux subsystem for windows 10 (solved)


Looks like this will be fixed soon!!! Exciting news.


Thanks for staying on top of it - very much looking forward to it becoming available. Do you know if GlassWire will function correctly if I choose to use the Insider Skip Ahead version on my local machine?


I don’t think we have checked yet, but if you do please let us know your results. Thanks.


Any news on this issue?



It appears it will be ready soon.


I hope this is ready soon, my current solution is to disable my GW firewall completely when performing requests in the Linux subsystem.


Howtogeek reports this update is coming October 2nd!

Firewall for Linux Processes : The [Windows Defender Firewall] can now define firewall rules for any Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) process, just as you can for Windows processes. For example, if you launch an SSH server or web server, you’ll see a firewall prompt asking if you want to open a port for outside connections—just as if you launched the same server on Windows.”


Nice post. Thanks for sharing good information.


Came here after being unable to do anything in Ubuntu WSL because of Glasswire…

I’m eagerly waiting for this update…


Looking good Ken, WSL interacts properly with GlassWire now.

You might need to change the pop-up so we can read it a little easier, but that’s a much smaller concern



Thanks for testing, that’s great news!


I can confirm that it is working. Finally I was able to remove my proxy (and the million settings inside of Linux to make everything work with it). :grinning: