GlassWire main menu

GlassWire menu

The GlassWire menu is available in two ways:

  • Selecting GlassWire in the top left corner of the GlassWire window.
  • Right-click on the GlassWire icon in the Windows notifications area (previously called the system tray) at the right hand end of the Taskbar.

Hide GlassWire (:free:)

This is the same as closing the GlassWire UI Window. The GlassWire service will continue to run when the GlassWire UI is not available.

Show Mini Viewer (:heavy_dollar_sign:)

Paid users can display the Mini Viewer, a small graph, on their desktop to see their network activity at all times.

Drag the corners of the mini graph to change the graph size.

Close the Mini Viewer by either:

  • Clicking on the small x at the top right of the Mini Viewer
  • Selecting the Show Mini Viewer menu item again


  • At smaller window sizes the network activity statistics for (bandwidth used up and down) will not be visible.
  • In the paid editions, you can control the visibility of the Mini Viewer at Menu | Settings | Client | General:
    • Mini Viewer Transparency slider (:heavy_dollar_sign:)
    • Keep Mini Viewer on top checkbox (:heavy_dollar_sign:)

Activate GlassWire (:free:)

Insert your activation code for a paid edition of GlassWire.

Buy GlassWire (:free:)

Loads the Buy GlassWire webpage in your default web browser.

Language (:free:)

Select your language from the list of translations.


Skins (:heavy_dollar_sign: :free:)

The Skins set the graph colors. Some colors make it easier to differentiate incoming bandwidth from outgoing, plus itโ€™s fun!

The first seven skins are free. The remaining five are paid.

  • Skins do not change the colors of the Windows desktop elements like the window title and background.
  • A Skin is the same as a Graph Theme so you can also select a skin in Menu | Settings | Client | General

Settings (:free:)

Accesses the Settings dialog window which has three tabs:

Snooze on/off (:free:)

Toggle desktop notifications:

  • Snooze on hides desktop notifications for 24 hours.
  • Snooze off displays desktop notifications. This is the default and it can be restarted at any time.

Incognito on/off (:free:)

Toggle Incognito mode so GlassWire no longer saves a record of your network activity on the graph. It works similar to the Incognito mode in most modern web browsers:

  • Incognito on stops your network activity being recorded.
  • Incognito off restarts recording of your network activity. This is the default.

Help (:free:)

The Help menu item links to the online GlassWire help guide

Forum (:free:)

Further help can be found at the GlassWire forum webpage

About (:free:)

About displays:

  • GlassWire edition after the GlassWire title. Blank if free. Displays a colored badge if paid features are activated.
  • GlassWire version number e.g. 1.2.94
  • GlassWire website link

Exit (:free:)

Exit quits GlassWire by closing the main window and stopping the GlassWire service.

You can restart GlassWire by looking under the start menu or double click its icon on your desktop if you installed its icon there.

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