'Internet connection was lost' alerts when I put my PC to sleep

I’ve enabled the ‘Internet access monitor’ alerts so that I can know whether my internet access dropped during the day while my PC was on. But now I get a new alert to deal with each time after waking my PC from sleep, telling me that the internet connection was lost. This is, of course, stating the obvious, and is not useful information. And it means I have to go in and clear this alert each time so that I can tell from the notification icon if any other genuine alert requires my attention.

Can you please make it so that this alert takes into account whether the PC was put to sleep. I want to know about the times when the internet connection went down on its own – not every time I deliberately put my PC to sleep.

Other users, including myself, have raised the same issue plus other related issues that impact knowing when an Internet connection is lost or the network is down:

This reply basically sums up the current situation:

So, if users really want this feature then you should let the GlassWire team know so it gets a high priority.

By the way, this is unlikely to be a small feature because there are so many reasons why the Internet connection can be lost. So GlassWire would have to diagnose the cause of the lost connection before it knows when to alert and what to alert.

I believe there are certain predictable, consistent events that occur when a system sleeps/resumes, including events written to the system logs and viewable in Event Viewer. I don’t think it would necessarily be difficult to take this particular scenario into account.

I’m not saying that it is difficult. Just that what appears to be a simple feature is a bigger task. For example, it is not just system-wide events that wouldn’t need to be notified: device sleep for power-saving would also need to be excluded from the notifications. GlassWire would also have to consider other edge cases because missing needed notifications is worse than receiving unnecessary notifications.

I’m also pointing out that the GlassWire team are currently assessing their overall direction and priorities. You’ve just added five topics in different areas, mostly covering issues that have been raised before. Which area do you want to receive the highest priority for bug fixes and new features? It’s worth letting them know where you want their efforts to focus.

P.S. I just read your priority in another topic, LOL. Good one, that’s exactly what I meant. :grinning:

Thank you for your feedback. We will try to figure out how to improve this feature in the future so it’s more accurate.