Licensing for remote server


I have an Elite license.
As I will need to install glassware on all servers so will I need to buy a license for all those servers?

I am a bit confused here that elite comes with unlimited remote server monitor but has only 10 pc license, so it which is true?

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No, you don’t need an activated license for each computer you monitor.

It sounds like the terminology is confusing you, as it does many of us:

  • Client computers run Glasswire to monitors the other PCs which are called servers.

    • These GlassWire clients require activated GlassWire to enable remote monitoring of other computers.

    • With an Elite license you can have ten GlassWire client computers

  • Server computers provide the data to be monitored i.e. GlassWire allows itself to be monitored remotely and serve the GlassWire data to the client computer.

    • These servers can run either free or activated GlassWire.

    • An Elite license allows the monitoring of unlimited servers. But there will be a practical limit for how many servers a client can handle. The client computer will hit some limit in its ability to connection to all those computers and process all that data - I just haven’t heard of anybody hitting that limit.

You can check these details in the following page:

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