Linux / Mac OS support, please


Thanks for your patience everyone. We’re still working on it!


“Glasswire” joins eternal champion, Little Snitch in my personal pantheon of inspired software names.

The name “Glasswire” implies “transparent network connectivity” simply, intelligently and beautifully. cleaning rifle “Perfect.” (Yes, that was a Full Metal Jacket reference. Deal with that.)

Glasswire wins over Little Snitch for the fact that it does the same thing but in a single word. It’s the perfect program name.

I don’t see how it speaks to any system specific functionality and I hope you don’t change the name from platform to platform. That’d be a bit like MS Office being called MS Studio/Gallery on Mac and MS NerdGalley on Linux. You don’t want that problem. :grinning:

I’ve recently paid for a license but Microsoft have been getting kind of weird lately so I’m moving to Linux.

I’ve enjoyed your work and look forward to its availability on Linux.


any eta on launch?
i know it it pretty hard to come up with one but do post it if possible :slight_smile:


Maybe January for Mac, we hope. We’re currently working on Android and GlassWire 2.0 for Windows.


Also created an account in the hope of a Linux version :smiley:


I’m so excited for January! Can I join a beta group or anything?



If you visit our download page on a Mac browser you will be asked to join our Mac email list. I think we’ll announce the new versions on our email list first if you want to join our Windows or Mac one.



@Ken_GlassWire The page does not work. When you click “sign-up” nothing happens.


You have to enter your email address first, then press “sign up”.


Yes I know that the e-mail address has to be entered first.
Tested on Mac
OS: 10.11.6
Browser: Safari 10.0, and Firefox 49.0.1


I just tested the form and it worked for me. Underneath it should say that your email was submitted. Do you use an ad blocker on your browser? If so maybe it’s blocking Mailchimp’s form.


It is working now for me. I did not have a problem with ad blocker just Disconnect. There is a work around by having the signup form be submitted via php form.


Anything for linux yet? would be amazing if there is


Not yet, sorry! We hope to add Unix/Linux agents someday.


Just checking on the Mac version again. The last date I saw for a Mac version was January. Will it be coming out soon since it’s the middle of February? :slight_smile: I am really looking forward to the Mac version.


Sorry, it’s still delayed. We will have an Android version out soon though.


What is the expected date now that it has been delayed?

Android version will not work for me as I have a iMac, iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch. :slight_smile:


I have posted some dates here and I always end up being completely wrong, so for now I’m going to shut my mouth and say “we’re working on it”. Sorry!


I also vote for the Mac version of this application. What I’m looking for is something that will capture data usage of all the devices on the network.

  • I would also request that the Mac version have the ability to create a log file as a text file or something simple and small. That way we don’t have to be sitting in front of it all the time to monitor usage. This comes in handy when trying to keep from going over data limits.
  • Not sure if this can be done, but it would be nice if the computer didn’t’ have to be on to continue tracking the data usage from the router. Maybe by allowing an online account that can only be setup while on the same network as the router? Maybe a device that connects to the router directly… might be a great candidate for a Raspberry Pi Computer? Of course this might be something that has an extra cost for customers?


The main reason I would like GlassWire for mac is so that I can monitor my MacMini server from my primary windows machine. Will the Mac version of GlassWire have that feature?