Linux / Mac OS support, please


Yes, but it may not be a feature in the first beta release.


Glasswire looks to be promising (perhaps in time) for Windows users, macOS already has Little Snitch that I am quite fond of.


Investing in Linux is bad idea, with 1% market share but more expensive development than Mac.
I think you should focus in Windows and Android. Mac also a good idea bcus more people use Mac and they are more likely to pay the software.


Mac will come out first. If we made something for Linux it would probably be a command line agent at first.


Yup, command line is better idea since it’s more reliable in linux to develop.

but still, i think Mac will bring more money and reputation to your company than linux.


how to internet full speed fast


Another vote for a linux (debian) version please.
Reason being that my linux machine is online 24/7 where my windows machines (laptops) are not.
Although with the recent mess MS made of our systems with thier crashed update problem making our windows machines unusable im feeling much more like going to linux full time.
that said i would love a linux version simply as i have seen some vid’s of reviews for your software and as a long time user of wire shark it would be MUCH better seeing things in your GUI.
it takes a LOT of capturing and deep diving to get the information your program presents immediately.
eg hours of work compared to simple clicking.


I second @tezzanet
I mainly use linux, all the PC’s at home are linux except 1 (due to legacy hardware required).
I’d like to be able to use Glasswire on all of the machines.
doing all these things are doable in linux but takes hours, your UI is beautiful and I find the info I want with a few simple clicks, puts wireshark to shame :smiley:


What language is GlassWire written in?
Java programming can support Windows, Android, Mac and Linux, if Java JRE was installed. But i dont know there is firewall api and network api for java.


+1 for linux support, I think software like this would really do well in a linux/unix enviroment, and more stuff on linux is never a bad thing :wink:
Now any updates on this? Are you working on it, are you looking into actually doing it at all? I’m imagining it shouldn’t be hard as other users have mentioned that there are API in place and that you should be able to port over the GUI. Great product nonetheless hope it continues to be improved and expanded to different platforms



Hi Ken, Is there any news at all on the Mac version of Glassware?


Hey, need linux edition (suitable for CentOS/debian/ubuntu) already exceeded my red limit :joy::wink::relaxed::star_struck::heart_eyes: and also MAC


Linux/Debian/Ubuntu/Mint. Dreaming of Glasswire on Linux since I first saw it in action on Windows. Also, Glasswire’s name has such a strong reputation, I believe you should keep the name for all versions. It’s a great name.


Any news on glasswire for linux?


Picking up an old thread here. I’m a paid Windows user who might switch to Mac. I’m excited to get Glasswire on this too. Are we nearing a release? Even if it’s a beta?


WTB glasswire.deb package. :slight_smile:


I think the Glasswire team should just concentrate on the windows, and android versions. If there was enough interest for Linux, well and good. For the Mac there is a product called Little Snitch which has it covered well for Mac’s. Just my thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello !

I wish for a Linux version too (made an account just to post this) and would gladly pay for it
-A lot of Linux users are very privacy minded (And while potential customers on desktop are a small target, they are as such easier to convince. Exibit A : The number of people asking for a Linux release here. There is a demand)
-Linux is not covered with this kind of software (no concurrent yet)
-Glasswire is already based on Qt. Easier to port, this technology’s already on Linux
-New emerging technologies (snaps, flatpak) make it way easier to distribute a software for all distributions and control updates and versioning.
-Crouton allows ChromeOS users to install and use Linux apps. You’ll have ChromeOS covered and secured, as Google is pushing further this OS

I think Glasswire is in a good position to secure the market of Linux users and there is a potential


If GlassWire is developed for the MacOS, which is Unix-based, then it could be much easier to move from there to Linux. Even so, I wouldn’t focus on Linux (excepting Linux-based Android) for two major reasons:

  1. The Linux desktop marketshare is so small, less than 2%. There is a magnitude of difference between MacOS and Linux even granted that many the Linux stats may underestimate the number of users.
  1. Linux users are more averse to paying for software when they get so much for free. You don’t have to look very far to find support for this view, e.g.


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