Linux / Mac OS support, please


Glasswire on my Elementary OS Linux install would be a great addition!



On a slight offshoot, If I have both Mac and Windows machines running on my network, and install Glasswire on a Windows box, will it monitor the traffic coming from the Macs or does it only see Windows traffic? Huge thanks!!!

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GlassWire only shows the data for the device it’s installed on, but its “Things” tab shows all online devices (unless they are on a segmented “guest” network).

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Hello. One more vote for Linux and make a version for servers with extra settings. I love this Glasswire. Love you developers and keep making this program so good.



I would as well. Linux or BSD release would be great.

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I would definitely be interested in this , been using Glasswire since it’s beginning stages and love it. Tons of my co-workers and friends would love a mac version also.



+1 For Linux, another user that registered just to vote for Linux. I am a PAID Windows that mainly uses Linux and would also like the same functionality of the firewall (alerts of new connections possible) with blocking of processes/ports while on Linux.

I also disagree with the changing of the name, it should still be the same program. Depending on which version I download I would understand that different operating systems have different ways of working but the end product should be the same.

We want GlassWire for Linux, not another program, I may not purchase a different product if it does not act the same.

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Still waiting for a Mac version of GlassWire. Almost 3 years (March 2016) since I asked for a Mac version. I keep hoping! :slight_smile:

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The UI is mostly done, but we’re still working on the backend. We will have a Mac version around summer time.


Just bought Glasswire Pro thinking it would work on mac

Do we need a new license ?



We plan to make Win/Mac licenses compatible.


Just bought Glasswire Pro thinking it would work on mac

So excited! My family stations are Mac and can’t wait to get your tool on them!

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“Windows Defender” is now Microsoft Defender ATP since they migrate it to macOS. Things getting real :sunglasses:

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Shouldn’t they call it MacOS defender? :face_with_monocle:



Microsoft Defender ATP is not the same as Windows Defender. Microsoft Defender ATP is a cloud-based “Advanced Threat Protection” service to manage active threats/infections for enterprise customers. It prevents infections by incorporating Windows Defender on Windows computers but it’s real power is tracking infections once they occur.

The latest announcement that Windows Defender ATP is now Microsoft Defender ATP is just a name change because of adding the Mac platform.

The following article gives an example of how ATP works:

See the system requirements from last year which only covered Windows 10:

The lastest announcement adds support for more Windows 7 & 8 Enterprise and Pro clients and does not include Windows Home editions:

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Thanks for the clarity remah, so it’s only for enterprise customers? Last article i read they did not mention this at all.

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Essentially it is per user volume licensing that has Centralized configuration management, analytics, reporting, and security operations which means E5. The E3 volume licensing doesn’t have this as the system requirements in the second link above says:

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection requires one of the following Microsoft Volume Licensing offers:

Windows 10 Enterprise E5
Windows 10 Education E5
Microsoft 365 E5 (M365 E5) which includes Windows 10 Enterprise E5

If you want more detail then check out Microsoft’s Compare Windows 10 Editions page where there is a link to Download full comparison table (0.5MB) which provides more detail.

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I’d also love to see a Linux/Ubuntu version. Please!

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Just an update… for Mac we hope to have it out this Summer. I apologize for all the delays!